True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


11. This is it. Prom!

Elizabeth pov

We decided to talk. "Tonight should be fun" Isabella started. "Yeah. We have 5 nominees for prom queen. Us and the main girl of the populars. " I commented. "I don't think I'm gonna be prom queen" Jessica admitted. "Come on, have hope Jessica and i honestly hate the populars i hope the don't win." Reilly stated. "Yeah, remember  last year when they made fun of us because we went to prom in a truck and they went in a short pink limo." Jessica reminded us. "Yeah, ugh. I hope it doesn't happen again, but with the money the boys have i don't think they would by a truck. I have nothing against people with trucks it's just not the boys style." I said. After that we started talking again until we heard the door bell ring so we got our purse that had our lip gloss and phones in them. We opened the door to see Liam and Danielle holding hands. "Hey guys" Danielle greeted.  "Hi" we answered. "Follow us" Liam instructed. When they turned to leave we saw a long black limo. My eyes grew big. I looked at Reilly and Jessica and their mouths were wide open and eyes huge. I looked at Isabella who looked like passing out.Excitedly I grabbed Jessica's and Reilly's hand and dragged them to the limo while Jessica had Isabella's hand dragging her. When Liam and Danielle opened the door and climbed in. I think I was about to fall. Everything was bright colored.  The floor was light blue. Dark blue,light blue, and neon pink was flashing everywhere we looked at the boys who had space to let us all sit next to our date. We climbed in and I sat next to Zayn, Jessica sat next to Harry, Reilly sat next to Louis, and Isabella sat next to Niall. When we all got settled in Zayn gave me a quick peck on the lips. I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder. I looked at Reilly and she winked at me then started talking to Louis. I looked at Isabella and her leg was on Niall and they were laughing. I smiled. I looked at Jessica who was smiling at Harry and holding his hand. I smiled and looked at Zayn who looked back at me and put his arm around me. After a while music started playing and I couldn't help,but to sing. I noticed Harry and Jessica staring at something. I looked at what they were staring at. It looked like beer. I know the boys drink and I don't mind it, but Jessica hated beer. It brought back terrible memories. Jessica looked at me and I saw tears in her eyes. I looked at Reilly who seemed to notice too. I knew Reilly wanted get up and hug Jessica and i wanted to too,but that would be awkward and would bring a lot of attention. Jessica wiped her eyes when Harry was gonna grab a bottle, but noticed Jessica and I heard him ask her whats wrong and she nodded her head no and gave him a weak smile. I needed to tell Harry. I grabbed my phone and texted him that she had a dark past with her father and was abused by her father. I saw Harry take his phone out of his pocket and read it. He looked up at me and i gave him a look telling him not to pick up the bottle. He looked at his phone and started typing something and my phone got a buzz. I looked at the message and it said "oh I feel extremely bad, but that was a bottle of wine". I feel retarded and I could hear Harry let out a little laugh as i put my head in my hands. After a while everyone forgot what happened when Ed Sheeran started to play. The boys sang to us a little to show us their band voice. So after their verse and chorus the us girls started to sing to them at the end we all sang together. When the song finished Danielle laughed which made everyone else laugh. When we go their everyone was starring at the limo. I got with everyone starring at me making me feel like a celebrity until the boys came out everyone circled them. I wanted to take pictures though. The girls and I ran inside then we darted to the pictured when we got their we took our solo pictures then 2 together. One neat and one silly. We saw the boys come inside. I was surprised their clothes looked fine I took one with Zayn where his hands were on my waist and he kissed my cheek while i did a peace sign and one normal. Jessica and Harry took one where Harry was holding her bridal style and one normal. I wanted to do the carrying thing with Zayn but then again my dress is short. Reilly took one of her kissing louis and yes again a normal one. Isabella and Niall took a normal one and one where Niall was kissing Isabella on the cheek and holding her waist. When pictures were down we walked onto the floor. "Swagger jagger" by Cher Lloyd was playing. I saw Danielle with Liam. I wondered how she got in. I started dancing. Zayn looked uncomfortable dancing, but it was cute. After a while he got the hang of it. Everything was going fine until the populars walked in. After a few minutes the main girl of the populars noticed Zayn and started walking toward us. I asked Zayn if he could get me fruit punch so he walk away from that girl. He agreed and then left. The girl walked over to me. "What do you think your doing with Zayn Malik" she asked spitting a little on me. "First of all no spitting allowed, that was the rule you made up. Second of all spending time with him,but he's not here with you so bye" I told her. She stomped away. I started to look for her little posse. When I found them they gave me a snotty look. "I know we've had a horrible past, but I'm here to help"i told them. "Keep talking"one of them told me. "Do you really like being in the shadows if your leader" i asked. "Its time to stand up for yourself. She cant be popular without you guys." "So your telling us to not be behind her and be popular together." One asked. I smiled.  They looked at each other and smiled. "Now show them who is boss" i told them. They walked over to the girl who was about to get close to Zayn who was walking over with punch. Her posse pulled her away and started to talk to her sternly. Zayn walked over. "I know what you did"he laughed. "I helped get 2 girls to stand up for themselves." I told him with pride. "And with jealousy" he laughed again. I rolled my eyes playfully and looked at Jessica and Harry were laughing and dancing. I looked at Reilly and Louis. Louis was pulling Reilly close to him and she giggled getting close. Zayn and I put away our cups and started to dance. 

Jessica's pov

I was talking with Harry he is just to funny. When a slow song came on a smirk went a cross his face. I smiled and got closer to him putting my hand around his neck and his hands was around my waist. We were so close our nose were touching. We kept our potion like this until the ending then he kissed me, i kissed back. I smiled at him then moments started playing I tried my best  to hold my tears back. This song always seems to get to me. After a few more songs we saw my principal walk on stage telling everyone to be quiet I walked up with the girls. We all started holding hand. He did his little speech then got over to prom queen and king. "It seems like we have some favorites, these girls are always together and they have the same tied votes. I guess they really love these girls for their pride. So we made three crowns for Reilly,Elizabeth, and Jessica. This seemed like a lie and idiotic.How could we all be tied and be in a group. I walked up anyway with the girls and we took our crowns. They announced our kings. Mark,Justin,and Jamie. This was weird these boys were our old crushes. We had to slow dance with the kings. My old crush Justin took my hand. Elizabeth went with Jamie and Reilly was with Mark. I danced with Justin and talked. "So everyone is talking about you and Harry" he chuckled. I rolled my eyes. "You guys seem so cute" he admitted. I blushed. "What about you and Jenny?" I asked. "We broke up this morning"he mumbled. "Im sorry"i told him. "Its okay, anyway i finished editing the video for music" he told me. We had to do 3 music videos. On 1 together and the other 2 were solo's. I smiled. "Yay" I cheered. As soon as the song ended we tried to keep a distance. "Bye" i said walking over Harry. We had a few more close dances and it made my night a lot better. When prom ended we all packed into the limo. Before we left we saw the girl alone and upset. I tried my best not to laugh. I was a little tired. "So you and Justin were talking a lot" Harry whispered. "It was just about us and a project were doing. Are you jealous" I asked giggling. "Nu uh" he said in a girl voice. I laughed i looked at him and he leaned and we kissed. When we pulled away I smiled and looked around to see everyone sneaking a few kisses. When we got home we said bye and went inside we all crashed on the couch or floor. "Best night ever." Reilly yelled. We all laughed. We all took showers and went to bed and Isabella went to the guest room. I stared at my crown while laying in bed. I heard my phone. Its said "good night babe❤" by Harry. I texted him night and literally passed out on bed. 

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