True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


10. This is it. Prom!

Reilly's  pov

-I'm skipping a few days, btw during it Niall and Isabella decided to go to prom together-

todays the day, prom. Its like 8 in morining right now. Lizzy, Jessica, Isabella, and I are going out to start the day. I get up and i decide to throw on a black strapless shirt, denim jeans, a charm bracelet, boots, and let my hair down. I go down stairs to seeJessica  looking stressed.  Jessica sat down wearing a grey shirt that says "Harry Styles approves", white shorts, high tops, a little mix bracelet, and her hair was in a high ponytail. I love that shirt. Elizabeth got it designed for her birthday. I sat down on the side of her. I saw Elizabeth come down. She was wearing a red and white varsity jacket, white ripped jeans, red and white coverse, a cap that has 1D and LM printed ln the front and Elizabeth printed on the back, and her hair out. Its weird she got that cap from the airport. "Hey" i said. "Hey" Elizabeth answered with glee. "Hi" Jessica mumbled. "Whats wrong" we both asked looking at Jessica. "Its nothing I'm just nervous for tonight. What if I say or do somethng stupid?" She told us. "Don't worry loosen up" i told her. She nodded no.i saw Elizabeth fill up and old febreze bottel then walk near Jessica. "Don't you dare" Jessica warned. Elizabeth smirked then started spraying her face with water. "Aghhh im gonna kill you" Jessica yelled tackling Elizabeth. I pushed Jessica off. I heard the doorbell ring. I answered it to see Isabella. "Ready" Isabella asked. "Uhhh" i said looking behind me seeing Elizabeth run up the stairs and Jessica wiping water off her face. "Maybe" i mumbled looking at her. Soon Jessica and Elizabeth came. Jessica was holding a small purse with her money in it. I saw Elizabeth slipping her money in her pocket. "Lets go"Isabella told us walking to her car. We followed. We decided to just go out for breakfast first. We all went to -your favorite restaurant because i don't think you'll no mine-. We all ordered then just waited for our food. "Im so nervous" Jessica told us again. "Don't be. Everything will go great" Elizabeth stated. "What about the populars, they might try to steal the boys" Jessica nervously asked. "The boys are smart enough not to fall in their trap" Isabella told Jessica. She nodded. I could tell Elizabeth was getting a little nervous after that. We all ate and decided to go to the mall. When we got out the car we could here flashing of cameras. Paparazzi. We walked in the mall to see a random girl walk near us. She was so covered you couldn't see her face. "Hey guys its me, Danielle." The girl told us. "Hi" Jessica replied, "are you the reason of the paparazzi" Jessica asked. "Yup, but don't worry they don't know that I'm here." She told us. We all looked around for clothes. By the time we were done it was 3 pm and prom starts at 7. So we headed home . Danielle went to her place.When we got there we put all our clothes we bought away. We all took out our dresses and laid them on the couch. Btw Isabella left her clothes here yesterday. We decided what to do. Their are 2 bathrooms. So while Elizabeth and Jessica shower i would pick out all accessories I want us to wear tonight while Isabella picked out what hairstyles and make up she is gonna put on us. So while the girls showered I went to my room and picked out my shoes-her dress is long purple with glitter, just in case you forgot-. I picked out purple sparkly stiletto heels. I picked  a bracelet that had purple and pink on it, earrings with a heart on it, a necklace that had a bird at the end at its wings were purple and it was holding a snowflake, and a ring that had a diamond on it from my mom. Tonight i'm going to look like barney. After that I picked Elizabeth's accessories. -she has a short blue dress with rhinestones- i picked out grey stiletto heels showing her feet though, a bracelet with a big star on it, I picked out a necklace with flowers going down it, earrings to match the necklace, and a ring with a big blue sapphire heart. I moved on to Jessica, I know what her style is by heart. I picked out stiletto heels -again- that was white and like Elizabeth's, a crystal bracelet that went into a shape of a butterfly, a ring that was gold then at the tip had a bow with crystals, earrings that was pink dangling with crystals, and her necklace was a crystal heart with wings. So technically Jessica loves crystals. A saw Elizabeth holding her clothes in a bikini..... I looked at her weirdly. "What I don't want anyone to see me come down with a towel." She stated. Then just walked in her room where I set her outfit. I decided to go in the shower next.

Elizabeth's pov

I put my wet hair in a bun and went to my room to see the outfit Reilly picked out for me. It was pretty. I put it on and went outside I saw Isabella waiting and Jessica coming down with a towel. Jessica ran to her room which was disturbing. Isabella took my hand a brung it to the guest room and sat me in front of a mirror and told me to blow dry my hair and brush it while she took a quick  shower. I did as I was told as Jessica walked in the room in her in her outfit. We smiled at each other then she began to blow dry and brush her hair with her blow dryer and brush. When our hair was all dry we started talking. Then we heard Reilly and Isabella walk in. Reilly took my blow dryer and blow dried her hair. I liked what Isabella was wearing. She was wearing a dark blue dress with white rhinestones into a shape of a star on the side. Isabella did my hair. She did Taylor's curls. It was so pretty!! Then she did Jessica's hair. She curled it then pinned the top up and left the rest down(Sorry if this is confusing i found it on google typing in "prom hairstyles" its the 4th one if u look for it) then she put little flowers around the pin . She put Reilly's hair into a bun with curls like Taylor Swifts . Yea again Taylor Swift, Isabella likes her. Then Isabella decided to sit down and do her hair. She put her put her hair up in a bun like Reilly's but had her bangs into braid that went to her bun, so one strand of her hair in her bun was a braid . Then she did her make up she put on dark blue eye make up, lip gloss, her eyelashes, and and blush. Then she did Reilly's like hers only kinda changed it. She put on purple make up, lip stick, eyelashes, and blush on Reilly. Then Jessica who did a little less. On Jessica she put on lip gloss,pink glittery eye make up,and blush. Then she did mine. She knows I hate make up so she just put on blue eye make up and lip gloss. That's it. When we were done it was 6:00 so we decided to talk


a/n  hey guys sorry its cut off but i was making it really long on my iPad then something happened and some of it got erased. So im gonna write the next chapter right now so bye ✌ 

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