True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


13. Tears

Elizabeth's pov
My eyes opened quickly. I fell asleep with Zayn last night and he told me yhe boys and him would be leaving. Zayn left. I got up and went to Jessica's room. I saw her and Reilly on the floor and they were crying. I felt like crying my self in fact I sat down next to them shedding a few tears myself. When we stopped crying we got up and went downstairs and then the tears were back. They covered our whole living room was covered with one direction posters and written across some was "don't forget us" we were gonna sit on the couch, buy we saw 4 huge teddy bears they all said something the same and different on a shirt they put on it. 1. Elizabeth and Zayn. Love is like a roller coaster ride. There are some ups and some downs -Zayn 2. Reilly and Louis. Wear white and blue stripes. Blue for you and white for me -Louis 3. Jessica and Harry. You will be on my mind because I care about you more then my curls -Harry.  We all giggled at our individual teddy bear. We looked at the fourth one. It said "we may be far away, but no matter how far we go or how long were gone, we will never stop loving you- Zayn, Harry, and Louis. We had tears of joy. We took our individual teddy bears and put them in our rooms and took the one that was for all of us in the living room. After that we sat on the couch. After the boys left it's like we forgot what we used to do befor we knew them. We just admired the posters after getting a little bored we texted the boys. When Zayn texted me back i felt like crying over again. The boys had to go soon. We watched tv until 3 p.m. We were dead silent. We all were hungry,but felt to sad to get up. Reilly called a pizza man after a while. When we heard the door bell I answered it. He gave the pizza to me looking at me like I was crazy. "You must be a One Direction fan" he told me. "Yeah" i mumbled giving him the money. We sat and watched tv then we heard the door bell. No one answered it. It was Isabella who had Jessica's keys. "Guys its Monday" Isabella yelled. "Crap!" I mumbled. We were so sad we forgot It was Monday. We all looked at eachother and started to freak out. "Just kidding! We have no school today." Isabella laughed. I got up and tackled her. She lsyghed when she got yo her eyes went huge. "Awww the boys did that for you"she said while reading the words written across the wall. We nodded. "Niall left me a huge teddy bear for me" Isabella said. "Us too"  Jessica told her. We opened the pizza box and ate. Soon Isabella left. It was 10 p.m now. Jessica was rexting then she threw her phone and ran upstairs then coming back with her laptop she opened it and logged on. She motioned for us to come closer so we could see the screen. We did as told. I swear i've never cried so much tears today and Jessica was trying to bring it back when. I saw her calling Harry on skype. He answered and we saw all of them. "Hey" the said. "Hi" we almost squealed. "We miss you." Zayn told us. "We miss you too" i said. "Did you see the bears" Harry asked. "Yeah" Jessica answered already having a tear fall down her face. I had one falling down next. I looked at Reilly who had her face in her hands. "Aww don't cry" Louis told us. We wiped our tears away and flashed them a smile. Soon we all were tired so we ended the call. The girls and I went to bed hopefully this was the first and last day that we cried because of the boys leaving

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