True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


15. Surprises

Jessica pov
I woke up to an alarm. I looked at it. It was 5 in the morning and it said 'surprise get dressed good. see ya at 7:30- Harry'  Last night Harry told me that I had few surprises coming my way I wondered if this was it. I heard groaning from the girls and Elizabeth yell 'WHY ZAYN WHY!'' I laughed and went outside and the girls did too Reilly looked tired and Elizabeth looked a tired and stressed. ''Today we were supposed to dye our hair'' should we still. " totally" I told her. "okay'' Reilly said and went to her room. I turned around and started to play tmh.What I'm still a fangirl. I start to dye my hair. when I finish i have pink hair. Light pink at the top ad hot pink at the bottom.

 (btw her hair is down to her back ) looked at the time and it was 6:40. I quickly picked out an outfit> I picked out light purple jeans, a white sleeve less button up shirt, suspenders with flowers on it, and pink heels.

it was 6:55 when I finished and when I went downstairs Elizabeth was already dressed. She had on a light blue blouse with white dots,light denim jeans, and red heels. Her hair was kinda navy blue at the top had a dark bright blue at the middle and end.

soon Reilly came down wearing baggy pants that looked like domino designed, a black shirt, leopard print short jacket, and spiky heels.

it was 7:25 and the girls and I were about to eat until we heard the door bell ring. I opened the door and we saw a man standing in a tux respectfully. He stepped to the side to show us a helicopter and a sign that said 'Elizabeth,Jessica,Reilly'. we walked out and into the helicopter trying to make our hair not get messy. Reilly looked out the window and texting. She was tired and when she's tired she doesn't like to talk. so Elizabeth and I talked. IT HAS BEEN HOURS SENSE WE WERE ON THIS HELICOPTER!!! ITS NOW 3:50 P.M. and the plane just landed. We got out and we saw a white/brownish building. the guy who opened the door told us to follow him so we did. Soon we saw a green sign that said 'ELLEN the ellen degenrees show, artist entry.' The girls and I started to fangirl. We noticed the guy staring at us like we were crazy. We calmed down and tried to act like nothing happened.we walked in and were backstage.We saw the guy have is finger over his lips telling us to be quiet as we heard Ellen talking. We heard her talk about the lads as she introduced them out. We watched them talk about leaving and everything. "So who has a girlfriend?" Ellen asked.My heart started beating fast when I heard Ellen ask that. All the boys raised their hands. "ohhh, new ones." Ellen teased. "yea they"re backstage right now>" Harry stated. "really well they"ll be out, right after this little break." Ellen told the crowd as everyone clapped. BAM! I feel like I'm having a heart attack. "omg Jessica stop, we finally get to be recognized. This is a huge step to be famous" Elizabeth told me trying to cheer me up. "I'm just nervous. What if I say something that will make e-everyone hate me." I stuttered. "you"ll be fine" Reilly told me trying to comfort me. I saw Ellen come backstage. "Hi girls." Ellen greeted hugging us."hi" we answered. "so as you know you will be going outside because we cant stay in here. so follow me." Ellen instructed us. so we did as told. "nervous?" Ellen asked. the girls pointed at me. "Don't worry just be you, well I got to go see you out there." Ellen told us. I calmed my self down and the show came back on. "now like I promise here comes the girlfriends. Everyone clapped as we went out. The boys smiled at us as we went to the four extra seats. We saw Isabella come out smiling. we sat to the right side of the boys. I sat between Liam and Elizabeth. Elizabeth sat next to Isabella and Isabella sat next to Reilly. "HI" Ellen said. "hey" we answered. We told her our names. "so stand up all of you and go next to the on your dating.' Ellen commanded. I sttod up and stood next to Harry, Zayn next to Elizabeth,Niall next to Isabella, Louis next to Reilly, Liam next to Ellen. "we're gonna try to make up couple names" Ellen told everyone. She went to Harry and I. "jerry'' Ellen chuckled. we laughed as she went to Zayn and Elizabeth. "Zaynabeth, Elizayn, gees you guys" Ellen laughed walking to Isabella and Niall. 'nibella? I hate you guys for having such weird couple names. Ellen said. walking to reilly and Louis. ''rouis" Ellen said. Soon when the show ended we had to dance our way out. NOOOO! I'm wearing heels. When it was time Elizabeth and I took of our heels and did our signature dance then moon walked out. Elizabeth and I were laughing so hard. I felt a hand around my waist. I looked up and it was Harry. He kissed my forehead and before I could say any thing he left dropping a note. Elizabeth looked at me then looked at the note. We moved slowly to it wondering if this was the right thing to do. I picked it up. To Jessica, Elizabeth, and Reilly. Go outside. We looked at each other and did as told. We walked out to see

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