True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


16. surprises 2

Jessica's pov

CHER LLOYD, WE SAW CHER LLOYD! We screamed. "Hey guys" Cher laughed. "H-hi" we stuttered. Come on guys I'm going to take you to where I pick out my clothes." Cher told us walking to her tour bus. We followed. We are so excited, we love Cher Lloyd's clothes.When we go to the place we saw all the clothes we ever wanted to where at least once. ''so the lads asked me if I could dress you into just casual clothes, so I will. lets go" Cher said smiling walking into her room. Isabella was freaking out. Our eyes grew when we saw her closet and Cher helped each of us pick out our clothes. Cher helped me first, together we picked out a baggy tank top in small words at the top said 'love pink' and at the bottom in huge numbers said '86', a short leather jacket, and sweat pants. for accessories we picked out gold chains, big gold hoops, and a navy blue headband hair wrap with pink roses on it. Then we threw on high tops. "perfect" Cher told me. I smiled.

Next Cher did Elizabeth's. They picked out sweat pants similar to mine, a white shirt that I couldn't quite see, but i saw 'co' on it, and a plaid jacket. for accessories they put on gloves, heart shaped earrings, and a gold chain necklace. Then I put on high tops. "yay" Cher cheered.

next was Isabella. Together they picked out a sweater with a heart on it and light denim jeans. for accessories they picked out a few silver rings and that's it. then Isabella put on short black boots. "great" Cher said clapping.

finally Reilly"s outfit. They picked out a stripped tank top that was tied in the front and yellow shorts. For accessories she wore a woven hat. then had on black toms.

Cher looked at all of us then put her hand over her heart. "looking at 4 of me is amazing" she laughed. We all smiled. "Okay lets go." Cher said. We walked behind her, anxious to know what we're doing. We saw a car and we went into it. I looked outside excitedly, soon when everyone was doing their on thing Isabella,Elizabeth, and I worked on the song we were trying to write. Soon we finished at Cher was smirking at us. "what" I asked. "nothing" she giggled. Isabella,Elizabeth, and I exchanged looks. We looked at Cher and she was trying to hold a laugh back. Soon when we got to our destination. We saw a huge building. When we got inside all we heard was Cher Lloyd's 'swagger jagger' I smiled remembering prom. Then I noticed... This was a stadium. ''Welcome to where I will be performing tonight" Cher told us smiling. ''did you know why I was smirking." She asked smiling. "No" Elizabeth answered. "Well, it"s because the song you were writing in the car is what you will be performing at our concert." She told us giving a sweet smile. "no way, we don't even have Amanda" Isabella informed. "I will fill in then" Cher said. Before we say anything else she told us to follow her (again) and she jogged away. We looked at each other then ran behind her. We looked like we were in a studio. '' Make up a beat for your song as I get ready for my performance." Cher told us. Why she was gone we started to make a beat up and surprisingly, it was amazing! when we listened to it for the 2nd time we saw Cher come back. "what did you come up with?" she asked. We showed her singing along to the beat. She clapped her hands. "What will I be doing?" Reilly asked. "well Louis told me you are trying to be a wrestler, so would you want to be a body guard to any threat? You will be with someone trained so don't worry." She told her. "YES!" Reilly screamed. "great you'll be with Tim" Cher told Reilly pointing to a really buff guy. Reilly walked over to him and together they looked like a stick and a rock working together. They soon walked to the doors. wow. Soon we heard a bunch of fans walking in. I got nervous sense we were doing our first performance without Amanda. I wonder if she'll be mad. All my thoughts went away when I heard Cher walk out and begin to talk to the fans. ''Now we have some special guess we have ONE DIRECTION and their girlfriends well 3 of them LITTLE MIX.'' Cher said. wait the boys are here i looked around, but didn't see them. Cher began to sing and that took my mind off of it Soon I noticed Cher was finished. I heard ''now it give it up for Little Mix or as I like to call the Cher Mix because they're wearing my clothes'' Cher laughed. I got up and walked out behind Elizabeth. When I looked at the girls I noticed Amanda! We heard our music and we began to sing our first song "wings". When we finished I heard a familiar voice say "Wow amazing their first time performing their own song.'' I turned around to see the boys. We smiled at them. Then we heard them sing their own song "live while were young". When the concert was officially over we went soon as Reilly came the boys started talking. "so we want to ask you something" Zayn told us. "we wondered if you guys wanted to go on tour with us sense that big distance in our relationships" Harry told us. We looked at each other giving each other smiles. we looked at them. ''Wow this is hard but it has to be.." I started. The boys had a sad look on their face. "YES" Elizabeth screamed. "oh god" The boys said hugging us. "well have fun" Amanda said alone. "Don't worry do you want to be with Justin Bieber?" Liam asked. "yeah'' ''Amanda told him. "good, Justin is coming to pick you up, we knew you would say yes so we called him," Liam told her. "plus Justin needs to have someone open up his concerts." Louis told her. Amanda sat their squealing. we all laughed. Soon we saw Amanda leaving to go with Justin. We hugged her bye and never got to meet Justin :(. "so is our surprises over?" Isabella asked. "well, we went to your houses and got your clothes and we'll be leaving for tomorrow." Niall answered.we nodded. We got a taxi and went to their hotel. As I was gonna go to sleep with Harry I wondered something. "how did you get our clothes? wasn't the door locked." I asked. "It was, but I stole your key before we left" Harry said laying down like it was normal. "explains a lot" I mumbled. Harry laughed. "by the way I love packing your clothes. You have nice underwear" Harry told me laughing. I pushed him of the bed then tried to fall asleep.


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