True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


17. running

~Elizabeth's pov.~

As soon as I wake up I notice Zayn was gone. Poo. I left my hotel room and knocked on Jessica's. I could hear her groan which made me giggle. She open the door obviously tired but forced a smile. "Morning" she said.

"Morning, do you know where Harry is?" I asked.

"no why!?!?! what did you do??" She asked concerned know.

"Nothing" I giggled.

"good, why again" she asked.

" Zayn wasn't here when I woke up" I told her.

"oh neither was Harry, they must've went out." she told me.

"Yeah how about we get dressed and see if Louis is with Reilly, okay." I said.

"ok" she said.

I went to my room and took a shower and got dressed in

* a galaxy hoodie

* black shorts

* black high tops

* black beenie

* black flower earrings

* mustache necklace

Hair: ponytail to the side in one big curl

I went outside grabbing my phone. Jessica wasn't out yet so I waited and starting playing games on my phone. Soon she came out wearing

* a white tank top

* denim jacket

* a skirt with small flowers

* white gladiator sandals

* a peach cross ring

* pearls

* a necklace with one wing on it

* a white purse

hair: wavy with a flower halo

"alright leggo" I said

We both knocked on the door. Reilly opened it swiftly smiling. she was wearing

* a blue superman crop top

* white jeans

* superman high tops

* hoop earrings

* infinity rings

* love necklace

hair: braided

"funny, Louis left this morning while I was sleeping and I got ready so I could ask you guys if you wanted to go look around here before we leave" Reilly said.

"Sure, but aren't you a little worried where they went" I asked.

"Yea and what they're reaction will be once we're gone" Jessica added.

"Hey, they left us worried and if your so scared call them" Reilly told us.

"ok" I said,

I pulled out my phone and called Zayn. I was sent to voice mail. since i put my phone in my pocket they got message that he didn't answer.

I'll text Harry and we'll go to the mall" Jessica told us taking out her phone

We nodded.

"Let's get Bella." Reilly said.

We walked to her room and knocked on the door.

She opened looking worried.

"I don't know where Niall is" she panicked.

"calm down we can't find our boys either so they're probably out together." Jessica said.

She nodded taking a sigh in relieve.

"Get ready were gonna take a look around before we leave" I told her.

she nodded and went into her suitcase grabbing clothes then going to the bathroom as we walked in and sat on her bed.

 " It's 9:24 and we leave at 4:00 so lets come back at 2:00 just in case" Jessica told us and we nodded.

Soon  it was 10 minutes and Isabella came out wearing

* a long long white sweater

* normal dark skinny jeans

* black vans

* a black fedora

* 3 black rings for her middle,index, and ring finger

* a cross necklace

hair: neatly straightened

"ready" she said smiling.

"Alright lets get going" I said.

 We put our keys to the rooms in Jessica's white purse. As soon as we got out the hotel Isabella and i looked at each other and smirked looking at Jessica.

"Jessica I'm so hungry" Isabella and I groaned poking her.

"You're both like Niall" she said pushing us away.

We laughed.We walked down the

"lets go to the that pastry place" I said pointing to it.

Isabella and Reilly ran off to it. I ran too, but stopped knowing that Jessica would refuse to run in a skirt and sandals. So I stayed and walked with her.

"Thanks" she told me smiling.

"What are best friends for" I told her.

She looked deep in thought then looked at me.

"fangirling" She asked.

I giggled then we got their. We saw the girls were next, but last so we joined them. We ordered.

Isabella: a slice of apple pie

Elizabeth: a chocolate cake

Jessica: a chocolate chip muffin

Reilly: cinnamon bun

We ate outside. when we were all finished. We started to talk about what going on tour would be like then all of a sudden we heard flashing by paparazzi. We all got up and started run down the sidewalk. I laughed at Jessica holding her skirt down. As soon as we lost them we took deep breaths and giggled at what we did.

"wow Jessica you ran in a skirt." I laughed.

She threw a rock at me.

"Guys look a mall" Reilly said staring at building.

"lets go" Isabella said.

We jogged their so Jessica wouldn't get mad about running.

When got their we separated into two groups. Jessica and I / Reilly and Isabella.

Jessica and I went to hot topic we bought beanies,suspenders,bows, and matching "come at me bro" t-shirts. Then we went to forever 21. i bough galaxy leggings, a black high to low skirt, and black high waisted shorts. Jessica got a tank top  with a cross on it, a flowery high to low skirt, and a pink miny mouse hoodie. We went to more different stores at bought more stuff.

~Jessica's pov.~ 

Soon we bumped into Reilly and Isabella.

"ready" Elizabeth asked.

"oh lord" Isabella said.

"what" I asked.

"Its 2:34" Isabella told us,.

We looked at each other and ran. I didn't care that I was running in a skirt and that i couldn't hold it down because I was worried about missing the flight. Soon we got the hotel I gave all of them their keys and we separated. I walked into the room and dropped my bags.

"OH THANK LORD" I heard Harry scream picking me up.

He put me down and hugged me tight.

"you're safe" he said.

"didn't you get all my messages" He asked taking all the bags i brought then stuffed them in my suitcase.

We were that late. I checked my phone and it said 22 messages by Harry.

"No, I'm so sorry" I told him

"Its okay let just go we're late." he said giving me my 2 suitcases.

We left and Harry was holding 3 suitcases small though. As we left we saw 3 taxis. Harry took me in the first one and he stuffed bags in the back I saw Harry and Liam get in. I looked down I knew Harry was frustrated because we came late. I feel really bad.

"you okay, sweetie" Harry asked lifting my chin up so he could see my face.

"Yea, I just feel really bad about making you mad by coming late" I told him.

"I'm not mad I was just really worried about you and if we would make it to airport or not, but it"s okay" Harry told me.

"oh ok" I said with a smile.

He kissed my forehead and I put my head on his shoulder. Soon we got their and a few people took our bags and rushed to the plane.

"We need to run" Harry told me getting out.

"I can't in a skirt" i told him.

"okay then" Harry told me.

He picked me up bridal style and started running towards the airport. I screamed holding his neck tightly,

"Don't worry i got you" Harry laughed.

He was running the whole way through. He put me down at the medal thing. Then he picked me up and started to run again he put me down for the airport id part. Then we walked onto the plane. When we sat down i looked at Harry.

"Thanks" I told him,

"No problem, it was nice letting other boys know you belong to me" He told me smirking.

I playfully hit him on his arm.

He pretended it hurt. I giggled and shook my head. He kissed me and I kissed back.It was slow and passionate. Once we pulled away I put my head on his shoulder and decided to sleep through this plane ride.






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