True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


7. Rejection or acception

Jessicas pov 

~still on phone~

j: hello


j: helloo

i looked at my phone, he hung up! I looked at the girls and they had saddness in their eyes. I felt tears in my eyes. "We're so sorry Jessica, I shouldn't have told you to do that" Elizabeth said. "Its okay i knew he wouldnt like me though" i said with tears streaming down my face now. They both hugged me telling me it would get better. Usaully it was me telling them that. They both looked at me and smiled really big. " hold up what you smiling for. I thought heart breaks were sad" Elizabeth said in a weird voice trying to make me laugh. I giggled. "Elizabeth you still have a chance with Zayn" i said getting up looking in her eyes smiling. " yeah!" Reilly squealed a little. " i don't know, after what happened i don't think so" Elizabeth admited. I took her phone that was on my bed and called Zayn. When he picked up i gave it to Elizabeth. 

E: hello

E: hey, the girls and I have prom and i was wondering if you wanted to be my date

E: really

E: yay okay its Satrurday. I'll tell you the rest later

E: ok bye

she hung up and looked at us. " guess who has a date for prom" Elizabeth screamed. We all yelled and hugged jumping.  Even though Harry rejected me - i think- Elizabeth was going to be happy this prom night which made me happy. Its still night time so we went to bed. When i went in my bed everything replayed in my mind and i cried. I cried myself to sleep.

~next morning~

Reilly's pov 

i woke up to my alarm. Ugh im so tired. I heard Elizabeth screaming. Before i could get up Elizabeth came in my room. "We have no school today!" She screamed doing a weird dance. "Im not gonna ask why, lets wake up Jessica." I yelled. We went to Jessica's room to see tear stains on her face. We shook her to wake her up, she wakes up 30 minutes later then us. She opened her eyes. "We have no school" Elizabeth whispered i guess yelling while Jessica was sad wasn't a good choice. She just nodded. "Okay, usually you would be dancing so get up and go outside to enjoy some fresh air" i said getting her out of bed. She got up and went to the bathroom grabbing clothes. Elizabeth and I went downstairs. I got out my phone and texted louis the good news. "I'm worried about Jessica" Elizabeth said. "Me too. Its her first heart break" i answered. I got a message but ignored it to talk to Elizabeth. We heard Jessica come down with a pink sweater, white shorts, and holding sandals. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was light out by the time she got here. She put on her sandals and before she left she turned to us. " bye and thanks" Jessica said giving us a weak smile. She left. I turned to Elizabeth who was holding the remote. I looked at my message which was from Louis asking if the lads and him could come over. I showed Elizabeth and she nodded. So typed back yes. A few minutes. The guys were here. We smiled at them then Harry walked in and we gave him a mean stare. He looked at us then away. Zayn sat next to Elizabeth and louis sat next to me. Harry sat next to louis, niall sat at the end with Harry, and Liam sat on the end next to Zayn. Everything was awkward. " oh we didnt tell you guys about Prom did we i mean except for Zayn and Harry" i said. "Nope, but they told us." Louis said. "Oh" i mumbled then gave Harry a glare wondering about what he told them about Jessica. "Where's Jessica anyway" Niall asked. " outside" Elizabeth answered. "Why" Liam asked. " we don't know if you guys know but after she called Harry and he hung up on her when she asked him to prom she's had non stop tears." Elizabeth answered. I looked at Harry and just like the time at the beach he had guilt in his eyes. " so we told her to get some fresh air" I added. "Oh" they kinda whispered. "We wont judge i mean it would've been worse if you lied" i said. "Yeah" Harry mumbled looking down.  


Elizabeth's pov

After what happened it was quiet. Then Louis and Reilly excused themselves to talk. When they left we all talked except Harry, he looked like he was thinking hard. After a while Jessica came back and everyone went silent. Jessica's eyes met Harry's quick. Then she shook her head to and turned to go out the door. I got up and ran to her and she was outside. I closed the door. "What is he doing here" she cried. "We told the boys the could come" i answered. "And i think you should talk to Harry" i begged. "No" she said nearly to tears. I hugged her. I took her wrist and pulled her inside at sat her down right inbetween me Harry and I. Harry was staring at her with tears in his eyes. Yes the guilt gets to him.... I mean Oh No Harry's about to cry! 

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