True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


9. Lazy day

Elizabeth's pov

i woke up to the sound of the house phone. "Jessica, get the phone!" i yelled. The phone went silent so i snuggled under my sheets then i heard the phone ring again. Ugh i got up to answer it "hello this is -enter your school name here- we want to remind you because if the incident yesterday their will be no school for the rest of the week, but Prom is still on." I just hung up and went to my room and played on my iPhone. I heard the door bell ring. "Im coming" i heard Jessica yell. If some one was here i can't look like this so i decided to change into something comfortable. I picked out black sweatpants, a grey sweater that says " London boys,fuzzy socks, then i'll put my hair in a bun. When i was finished getting dressed I went downstairs. I saw Isabella and Jessica. Jessica was wearing a black sweater that says "i love cats, black tights, a hot pink beanie, her hair out, and hipster glasses. I thought that was to much clothes to be in a house, but whatever it's her life. Isabella was in a black sweater, tights that has a sunset design on it, a pink mustache ring, her hair was in a braid, and she was wearing toms, but she took them off.  "I need a date to prom" Isabella complained. "We will find you a date to prom i promise" Jessica assured her. "Yeah, we won't atop until we do." I added sitting down next to Jessica. Jessica got up though to make breakfast. She's the cooker in this house. Reilly came downstairs wearing a spongebob hoodie, blue sweatpants, a snapback cap that says "i ❤ haters", and she had her pony tail going through the hole. We all started to talk then we heard the door bell. Reilly answered it and the boys came in. " we heard the good news so here we are" Liam cheered. I looked at Jessica, but she couldn't hear, she was listening to music. Harry started to walk towards her. Everybody watched him go walk behind her. "HEY BABE!"Harry screamed in her ear while hugging her tight. She screamed so loud i thought i went deaf. Nope, i heard everyone laugh. Jessica put her face in her hand embarrassed. Harry smirked and kissed her on the cheek. Everyone looked at them in awe. They started to talk to each other while Harry helped her make the rest. So we all looked away. " who is this" Niall asked staring at Bella. "This is Isabella" Reilly answered. "Hi" Isabella said. "Hey Isabella" they all answered. "Aren't you pretty" Niall flirted with her. "Thanks" Isabella giggled then blushed. "Hey no flirting you haven't known her for 5 minutes." I joked. Niall laughed putting his hands up in defense.We all  started to talk." Breakfast is ready!" Harry yelled. We all walked to the table. We saw pancakes, eggs, sausage, and best of all bacon! We started to stuff our faces or how the girls and I would say "eat like Niall." We started to talk until we heard the doorbell ring. Isabella got up and answered it. A familiar girl walked in. I saw Jessica's eyes grow big, and mine did too when i noticed it was Danielle. We all looked at Liam. He had the biggest smile as he went over and hugged her. All the boys went kver to hug her after Liam which left the girls and I kinda fangirling. When the boys were finished hugging her she walked over to us. "Hey im Danielle, who are you guys?" she asked. We introduced ourselves. "Cool, i've heard all out about all of you except Isabella, sorry." Danielle replied. "No, its okay. They just met me." Isabella stated. "Oh" Danielle said smiling. I noticed the boys sat on the couch talking. "Liam was wondering if I could sneak into prom with you guys." Danielle chuckled. "Oh god Prom isn't free" we heard Jessica mumble which made us smile. "Wait are you stupid, she said sneak in" Reilly laughed at Jessica. I ignored them although I did want to laugh  "If you can" I told Danielle. She smiled. Danielle was an awesome person to meet. We all went to my room. Danielle tried teaching us how to dance. But at first we all looked like penguins! We all laughed and did random things. Before you knew all of them fell asleep. I was still awake, but decided to go to sleep. I looked at Jessica sleeping in my bed. I pushed her over making her wake up on the ground while i laid on my bed smiling at her. She gave me her funny angry face. We both giggled as we fell asleep.



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