True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


18. here we are

Elizabeth's pov.

I woke up to Zayn shaking me.

"huh?" I asked.

"We're here!" he told me smiling.

I smiled. I looked at Reilly. She was sleeping still.

"Are you going to wake her up" I asked Louis.

He looked at me and smirked then looked at Reilly. He kissed her on the lips. I watched as Reilly woke up in shock. Everyone laughed except for one person , Isabella. But usually Isabella would laugh too. We looked at her and Niall. Niall tried to do the same thing Louis did, but Isabella put her index finger on Niall's lips.

"Don't think about it" Isabella told him.

Everyone chuckled. We were the last people to get off. When we got out the airport. Jessica and I took a deep breath.

"New York is amazing you guys will love it." Liam told us.

We walked until we saw a bus. Then we noticed.. this was the tour bus!!

"cool" Jessica said with huge eyes.

The guys put our bags away as we explored the tour bus. We sat down after touring the bus.

"Wow!!" I said.

We laughed. The lads came and sat down with us as the bus started to move. We're going to a hotel. Everyone had a group chat about everyplace we were going to on this tour. After we finished bright lights took my eye. I looked  around New York it was amazing. I looked at my Phone for the time and it was 11. Woah!!! I could see Jessica looking like she was about drool looking at the  view through the window. I giggled and poked her in the side making her giggle. That was her ticklish spot. When we got to the hotel we took our bags and started to walk in the hotel. We all got separate rooms with our boys. When we got our keys we all started to walk off then noticed Liam was staring at the door. We walked up to him then looked at what he was looking at then we notice Danielle. We smiled as she hugged Liam. They went to the desk as we all went to our rooms. I walked in with Zayn and I jumped on the bed. Zayn laughed at me then next thing you know  we were both jumping on the bed. We both fell in deep breaths and giggles.

"I'm gonna take a shower" Zayn said getting up.

I nodded. He went in and I got a message. It was from Jessica. It was a group message.

'hey, I'm going to take the dye out my hair. What about you guys?' -Jessica

'Seems like a good idea' - me

'yea.'- Reilly

'Same here'-Isabella

We kept texting until we all said goodnight. Soon, Zayn came out the bathroom and I took a shower and began washing out the dye. When I got out Zayn was still up. He was on his Phone.

"I was waiting" Zayn said.

"Oh really" I told him.

"Yup" Zayn said as I crawled into bed.

He kissed me on the lips and I kissed back. Wen we pulled away we fell asleep in each others arms.

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