True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


4. Hanging out

Reilly's pov

We started to discuss where we should go and we decided Starbucks an go to there place. We went into Harry's range rover. Jessica's eyes went big. She always wanted a range rover. Harry smiled at Jessica's big eyes. A range rover can only hold 5 people so we had to sit on their laps. This is just wrong. I got sit on louis and Elizabeth sat on Zayn. We got to sit o. The boys we love the most :). Except for Jessica. Sense it's Harry's car he had to drive, So she sat on Niall. Harry looked a little jealous...weird. When we got to Starbucks the boys put on their disguises. We walked in looking like 3 normal girl and 5 thieves. We ordered and sat at two different tables i sat with Lizzy, Louis, and Zayn.  Of course Jessica sat with harry, Liam, and Niall. We started talking and laughing. I couldnt help but to stare at Louis, but he stared back. When we were done we went to their place. They had a mansion! "I thought u guys live somewhere else" Jessica said. "Nope we live here" Liam said. Sweeet!!! We live near one direction. We sat on their couch. " so why did u guys give us your number if we only got tochat for like 5 minutes" Jessica asked. " well you guys seem cool and their is just something about you guys" Louis said. "Great i have One Thing stuck in my head now" i whispered to the girls. "Heard that" Harry said smirking then sitting next to Jessica. They smiled at eachother which made me smile. I didnt notice all the boys squeezed into the couch. I was sitting next to Louis and Elizabeth. Jessica next to Louis and Harry. Elizabeth next to Zayn and I. "Lets watch a movie" Liam suggested. Oh gees the classic a movie. Liam put in a movie without letting us know it was. Then we should've guessed it was batman. Really Liam. Jessica isn't a fan of superhero movies so during the middle of the movie Jessica was sleeping on Harry. It looked like Harry enjoyed it, which made me giggle. I was falling a sleep myself. Elizabeth was wide awake though. She was getting a long and talking to Zayn. It was adorable. Later on when the movie ended the boys took us home and Harry put Jessica to bed. Before they left i had a long talk with Louis he was perfect!! Elizabeth couldnt stop talking with Zayn. When they went home we finally fell a sleep.

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