True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


14. Forever

Elizabeth's pov

It has been 3 months sense the boys left. We are kinda confused why the boys haven't came back yet, their album is out already so couldn't they take a break and come home. Reilly hasn't been with Jessica and I. Sense we graduated High school Reilly has been training  for WWE. Jessica and I don't blame her though. Jessica and I are trying to become a band,but not ready yet. we have been singing on YouTube and unbelievably we have lots of subscribers. We have been singing with Isabella and a girl called Amanda. Amanda has light brown hair and brown eyes.She is a huge belieber. She isn't a directioner, she's respects them though that's why we love her. Our band is called Little Mix. ( i know in one of the chapters I talked about them,but I can't come up with a band name . I'm gonna make the girls the band so technically Little mix doesn't exist in the story anymore. at the end of this chapter i will put who's who) Isabella and Amanda are coming over today so Jessica and I are still in our night clothes not sure where we're gonna shoot today. When the girls came we talked about where we should go. Jessica was on the computer. "guys someone suggested we shoot at a park today. should we??'' Jessica asked. "Yeah it sounds fun" Amanda answered. The girls left to change so we could me them there. I got dressed in shorts and a batman shirt. i put on my high tops and a bracelet and went downstairs and Jessica was wearing. High tops,shorts,a pink blouse that said "oath",a necklace that had a heart on it. Today we're singing ''back for you'' by the lads.  We walked to the park talking. We were talking about the boys wondering if they forgot about us. "They've gone to a couple of interviews and they never talked about us" I said feeling little tears. I haven't cried sense the day after they left. When we go to the park it was empty. Perfect. Jessica and I sat on the swings.While we were waiting for the girls Jessica and I started to think of writing a song. We wanted a song that has a proud message.Right when we were about to right down the lyrics Amanda came. In her hands were scooter,balls, and a skate board. She dropped everything in her hands and ran to us. "What are you guys doing." she asked. "writing a song Jessica said. "yea the first part is ' mam-" I sang but was cut of by a scream. We looked around,but saw no one. This park is covered by trees so I"m kinda scared. Soon Isabella came with her friend Alex. who was holding a camera. ''Sor-ry I'm--late." Isabella whispered breathing hardly between her words. When she calmed down we began to shoot. First we recorded our voice for the video so they can hear how we really sing and do a lot of action in our video. When we were shooting the video It was awkward because of lip syncing. when we were finished it was dawn. We were about leave until we heard screaming and people running coming from the trees We even saw paparazzi. Chants were coming from everywhere and we saw the boys run from the trees. Jessica,Isabella, and I squealed and ran up to them like we didn't care that paparazzi were taking pictures. I literally jumped on Zayn and he held me. He gave a kiss on my lips and put me down.Harry and Jessica were hugging each other tight and talking between kisses and Isabella and Niall were just hugging. "where's Louis?" Jessica asked. I didn't even notice that.' 'Up there." Liam answered with a smile. We saw a helicopter coming down. When it landed we saw Danielle run out and into Liam"s arms. "THOSE MONSTERS WERE MAKING OUT IN THERE!" Danielle hissed. we saw Louis and Reilly walk out with Louis's hands around Reilly's waist. we smiled at Reilly we were gonna go up to them until more people started coming so the boys took us into the helicopter and flew us home which was like only one minute. When we got there the boys walked us to our rooms while Isabella,Amanda, Danielle,Liam, and Niall went home. Zayn waited until I was dressed for bed. When I was dressed he tucked me into bed. I felt like a little kid. "goodnight, tomorrow is full of surprises." Zayn told me. "Bigger then today" I giggled. 'yup" he answered. I felt a rush of excitement. He kissed my forehead and left. I fell asleep with a huge smile.

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