True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


3. Fangirling!

Jessica's pov

~next morning~

i still cant believe we got one directions phone numbers ! "Lets put their numbers in our phone" Elizabeth said quickly. "Wait! Whatvif they're just pulling a prank." I said. "True, they barely know us" "fine well im gonna try zayn" Elizabeth said. She looked at the CD and typed in his number. "Hello" elizabeth said in the phone . "This's Elizabeth who's this", "really okay then bye" . She hung up. "Who is it?" i said quickly. "Yea and what did he say?" reilly asked. "Come down. He said it was zayn and to prove it we need to go to the park to meet the lads." Elizabeth said trying to be calm. "Im not going down there" i said. " why" reilly asked. " im not looking froward to getting kidnapped." I said. "You'll be fine, plus reilly watches to much WWE to let us get kidnapped" elizabeth giggled. " okay i guess" i gave up. I went up stairs to get ready. I got into a white dress with a small black belt belt and put a leather jacket on. I put on black boots then curled my hair. I went downstairs to see Elizabeth in ripped skinny jeans, a sweater that said "oh la la <3", vans, a bunch of bracelets, and straighten hair. Reilly who is just coming down the stairs is wearing shorts, a small hoodie with a smiley face, make up,high tops,makeup, and a blue ring.

elizabeths pov

we walked to the park which took about 20-30 minuets. When we got there all we saw were kids playing and teenagers talking. We saw 5 guys looking around,but you couldn't see their face because it was covered with a hood and sunglasses. One saw us and then pointed at us. The group walked over to us. I saw Jessica getting scared. They were right in front of us. One with a low voice said "lets go somewhere private." "Noo" Jessica said freaking out. "Don't worry its us." A irish accent said. Three of them took our hands and took us somewhere quiet. I got a little scared myself.they took off they're glasses and hoods and it was the lads. " great i freaked out in front of one direction" Jessica said looking down. Everyone laughed. "Now u have the truth. Lets hang out today" Zayn said. "Okay" we answered


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