True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


2. Concert


I wanna warn you guys this my be terrible because it got erased 3 times today. So it might not be good.


Jessica's pov 

Im driving and we are playing the UAN album. We start singing loudly and laughing. When we get to the arena we here girls yelling already! We start to laugh. Then we walked inside the arena to see lots of One Direction merchandise! The girls and I already have lots of One Direction merchandise so we just bought lights. Im holding a bag with 3 UAN albums and a video camera. I'm so happy because we have front row tickets, yeah!!! We go inside to see a band playing, but we don't listen we just talk. " what if i grab Louis's leg and try to pull him closer to me" Reilly laughed. "You'll meet Paul" Elizabeth said giggling. "And court" i giggled. We kept talking until we heard lots of yelling. We looked up to see the boys standing on stage. Harry was in front of me so Elizabeth nudged my arm which made me laugh looking at my shoes. When i looked up I saw Harry smiling at me! I was a shy girl so i smiled at him then looked down again. Im afraid that he'll think I'm ugly.


Elizabeth's pov

The boys were jumping on stage while singing. The girls and I dancing and singing along. Zayn was in front of me and then winked at me. I felt like I was gonna pass out. At Niall's solo i saw Louis being silly and bent down giving Reilly a high five. Jessica and I laughed. I noticed Jessica was video taping this on camera. She pointed the camera to me so I gave her a funny face. We all laughed and payed attention to the lads again. The concert finished, but don't worry because we have backstage ticketqs. Wooooooo!!!! We were last in line though because we got to talk and laugh until we meet the boys. We finally were next. "I'm Elizabeth" "I'm Jessica" "and I'm Reilly" we all introduced. "Vas happening" zayn said. We laughed. We started to talk. We asked them to sign the CDs in Jessica's bag. When they did we put it into Jessica's bag without looking at it. "Bye" we said. " see ya" they said. We were about leave. " hey girls" we heard Niall say. We looked at them. Before we knew it we were being sprayed with silly string. "OMG!" We said. " Okay now you can go" Louis said. We giggled then went home. We took our CDs to see their numbers written in it! We screamed like we won X-Factor!!!!

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