True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


5. Beach

Jessica's pov

I just woke up, but and i was home. They must've me carried home. I got up and heard my phone ring. I picked it up and it said Harry

(J = Jessica H = Harry) 

J : harry?

h: hello love

J: how did you get my number

h : don't fall asleep

j: what about my password 

h : 1D is a ridiculous password

i blushed 

j: so what are you guys doing ~trying to change the subject~

h: were gonna go to the beach do you and the girls wanna come

j: sounds great, what time?

h: around 11:30

j: okay great well i better go, bye

h: bye

I looked at the time 9:50 am. I went into reilly's room she was awake playing on her iPhone "wanna go the beach with lads" i asked frightening her. "Uh sure i guess" she answered. "k" she said. Before I went into Elizabeth's room, knowing she would be sleeping i grabbed a frying pan and a big cooking spoon. I walked into her room and started to hit the pan with the spoon. "AHHHH" she screamed falling off her bed. I laughed. She looked at me. " what was that for" she asked." For always waking up late" i said. " i always wake up late sense like 4th grade and you know that too." She said getting up. "I know, well get ready we're going to the beach with the guys" i said. "Alright" she said. I walked out the room we have a messed up relationship. I went into my room and look through my closet which my bathing suits should be. I notice all my one pieces were gone! Elizabeth!!! I told you we were messed up. I grabbed a strapless bikini. The top was red with designs on them and the bottom was black with a small bow on the side, i put a a beach dress over it. I went to the mirror and put my hair in a french braid, I put on a charm bracelet ,I got a beach bag, put on sandals, and headed out the door. I saw Elizabeth in shorts and a tank top withs sandals her was in a high ponytail with her bangs out and it was straightened. It was cute. "Where did my one piece swimsuits go" i asked staring at her. "In the garbage" she giggled. "Why" i asked. " wow  same thing i asked u this morning " she said. " i'm just kidding they were to small for you" "i guess your right , i don't through any of my clothes away so you were right" i said sitting on the couch Reilly running down the stairs wearing a skirt with a plaid shirt tucked in it and her hair was in a high bun with her bangs out curled "You know your always late because of your make up, right " i asked. "Yea" she said. I looked at my phone it was 11:20. We started to talk until we heard the door bell ring. We walked outside to see Niall. " okay lets go girls" he said walking to  a Nissan Armada. Finally a car that can hold all of us. When we sat down the boys greeted us so we said hi back. The girls and i started talking until we heard "wings" by little mix come on. We couldn't help but sing the boys looked at us like we were the superstars in this car. When we got there it was empty. We looked at the boys. "Come on" louis said. We got out the car and walked down to the shore. We took off our clothes revealing our bathing suits. Elizabeth was wearing a  strapless bikini that was neon green. It was stunning it looked like it was glowing. Reilly was a neon pink bikini with only one sleeve and the top and one short ruffle and then bottom plain. Wow was the only who didn't know that i was supposed to wear neon.Usual girls would sit down and tan but were not usual. We dropped our bags and ran into the water with the boys we started splashing each other. Splashed Harry in the eye he looked at me with an evil look. I ran out the water and looked back to see Harry In the water showing me a I'm watching you sign. I giggled and got my iPhone to text my brother really quick but i felt hands on my waist. I saw harry pick me up. I started to scream . He splashed me in the deep water..... But i cant swim. I started to sink deep. I saw Elizabeth coming to get me. She was the only one i told that i couldn't swim. She brung me up and i was gasping for air.  " are you okay" Elizabeth asked. "Yea thanks" i said. "No problem thats why i'm here" she said. Everyone was staring at us. I felt so embarrassed. Reilly was worried. Harry felt guilty. And the rest of the boys confused and worried. I walked up to the sand. And sat down. Harry walked up to me. "Im so sorry" he said. " no its okay, you didn't know" i said smiling. "Are you sure, i feel horrible" "im sure. Its not your fault, it's mine. I should've told you" i said assuring him. "Its not your fault, it was your privacy" he said. I smiled. "Its okay go back in the water, i want to talk to Reilly" i said who was walking towards us. "Okay" he said walking away. Reilly smacked me. "Really" i said holding my cheek. "Thats for not telling me now are you okay" she asked "of course" I said. We started to talk and we turned our heads Elizabeth was kissing Zayn. We started clapping. Elizabeth cheeks went red. Zayn just laughed. After a while i jumped back in the water. Harry looked happy that I was okay. Later on we went home. "Bye"we said to the boys. "See ya later" they said. When we got in Reilly and I asked Elizabeth about Zayn. " he said i was a highlight of his day love took us to kissing, and he wants to take me out on a date. " yayyyy" Reilly and I squealed. "Wait we may be living a dream, but we still have 5 weeks of school left. I said. "Yea" Elizabeth said. "We still don't outfits for prom!" Reilly said. We have so much work to do!


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