True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


6. Back to school

Elizabeth's pov

ugh it's Monday!! Im so tired, I'm always tired when its a school day! I get up and get dressed in a blouse with the England flag on it, black skinny jeans, a ring with a blue butterfly on it, black converse, and i put my hair in a waterfall braid. I went downstairs and no one was there so i decided to watch tv. I was watching spongebob. (your never to old to watch spongebob). I heard someone coming down the stairs it was Reilly. She had on light green and white stripes, normal denim skinny jeans, light green vans, heart shaped earrings, and a black bow on her shirt. "Spongebob!" she squealed jumping on the couch. I heard Jessica coming down. "OH GEES!" I heard Jessica yell. I turned around and she was on the siting on the last step. Which meant she stumbled down the stairs. Reilly must've saw because she was laughing uncontrollably. " lets go" i said trying to hide my laugh. I helped Jessica up and she was wearing a light pink sweater, black tights, black boots, a bracelet with flowers on it, and a necklace with an owl on it. We got into our car we bought together. We used walk, but then daylight time savings came and it's dark out here!! When we got to school we got out and walked in. We saw Isabella. She was a girl with pretty brown hair with a streak of blond. We told her about one direction, she is a close friend she'd never tell. While we were walking we went face to face with the mean populars. Everyone said they could get with any boy they wanted. They pick on other girls. They used to pick on us ,but we got our revenge. So when they passed us they gave us a snotty look. Thats all. So we didn't care. They can never know about our One Direction secret. They'll try to steal their heart and i don't think girls and I will ever live again if that happens

~skip until after school~

Jessica's pov

It's after school so we run to our car and Isabella gets on the bus. We're going to the mall!!  We're getting dresses for prom. Reilly and I don't have dates. Elizabeth has a chance with Zayn. I don't think the boys know that we're in high school. I take my phone out while Elizabeth drives. I have 3 messages. 1 from my brother Matt and 2 from Harry. I look Matt's first and it says he's trying to visit. I smile. I look at Harry's one next. The first one says "morning" then next one says "hey" which he texted a few minutes ago. I text him back "hey". I look up to see Elizabeth still driving and Reilly starting a convo with her. I got message saying " what are you up to"  i text him "going to get dresses with the girls for prom :)". When he texted me back i was gonna answer but Reilly and Elizabeth yelled in my ear saying "STOP TEXTING HARRY!!" "Ahhh" i yell. They laughed we were at the mall so i threw my phone in my pocket we started looking for dresses. We got in all type of dresses. We saw the popular girls. We walked in a different direction. When I looked back they looked at me and gave me a nice smile... What do they have planned. Soon we found Elizabeth's perfect dress it was short and was blue. The bottom was a little ruffles and the top had rhinestones on it. We walked a little more and we found Reilly's was purple and long. The top was glittery on and a black belt under her breast line and the bottom with small ruffles like Elizabeth. We looked around and finally found one for me its long and pink and had rhinestones in a shape of a long V down to my waist ( i can barely explain it so look at Cher Lloyd prom dress on google) . When we finally got home it was night so i put my dress away and jumped on my bed. Elizabeth and Reilly came in and sat on my bed. We started talking. I heard my phone text messages it was 3 missed calls and 5 messages from Harry. They said " oh cool" , "who are you going with" , "are you going with the girls in a group", "hello" , and " Night" . I called him they girls read messages so they watched which made me uncomfortable. He picked up.

H : hey

J: hi, sorry i didn't see your messages. I feel bad.

H: no its okay

J: okay

H: i didn't know you guys got high school still.

j: well we do

H: cool

"ask him if he wants to come "  Elizabeth said. 

NO i mouthed. Elizabeth took the phone and said "Harry its Lizzy Jessica wants to ask you something important, okay here she is". She handed the phone to me smiling. I took it giving her "im going to kill you" glare.

J: hello

H: whats important that you need to ask me

J: i know we met a few days ago, but i was wondering if you wanted to be my date to the prom.

It went dead silent....

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