The Gossip

This is the story about a girl named Perrie, and how one little comment about her new hair style, can change her good day - too very bad fast.

I hope you enjoy!


6. What Happens Next?


     So, its been a few weeks since the mishap between Perrie and Taylor. The weeks have been filled with strangely silent but really effective practices for winter guard. Their instructor, Jackie, thought that this was strange so she called Taylor and Perrie over to talk to her after the practice before the semi-finals for their class.

     "So, what's going on with you two?" Jackie questioned Taylor and Perrie.

     "What do you mean, Jackie? We are all good. Right, Per?” Taylor rudely addressed the two of them.

            Perrie didn’t respond. She didn’t want to discuss her problem with Taylor while Taylor was around. She was very uncomfortable around Taylor in general now a days. Perrie didn’t want to be around her. She would only tolerate her presence when she had to. She was so glad that it was the end of the season, and that Taylor was a senior. Even though she loved the show and this year – except for Taylor.

            “Perrie? Do you have anything to say?” Jackie asked Perrie in a concerned way.

            “Um… I, uh… Actually, I do. But, I’d rather talk in private” stated Perrie, very nervously.

            “Oh, c’mon Per! You can say anything that you have a problem with me, to me!” Taylor said very sarcastically and with fake enthusiasm. Jackie didn’t say anything, hoping that this might help clear the air between them.

            “Well, ‘Tay’. I don’t like you. I don’t think you should’ve been talking about me behind my back because I’ve never done anything to you. You are a total brat. I don’t like being around you anymore. I am going to go home now, since we have nothing else to talk about since you already did it all behind my back.

            Jackie – here’s what happened, Jenny told me that this girl” pointing to Taylor, “was talking about my hair, and I asked her about it, she didn’t deny it, and so me and my friends assumed that she has said something bad about everyone in this guard. She didn’t deny that either. So that’s it. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t talk about anyone behind her back. I literally did nothing. I’m going home now. I am tired. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’ll see you Saturday morning at 8 for practice. Good-bye.” With that, Perrie ended her speech, and went home.

            As Perrie was leaving, she could hear Jackie yelling at her for being an irresponsible captain and that that isn’t how someone no matter if they are a person in a leadership position or not should never do that to anyone.  Perrie couldn’t help but smile to herself, because she wanted Taylor to eat crow for being so rude to everyone. Even though she knew it wasn’t right to be happy about Taylor getting chewed out, she thought that it was appropriate since Taylor caused this mess herself.

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