The Gossip

This is the story about a girl named Perrie, and how one little comment about her new hair style, can change her good day - too very bad fast.

I hope you enjoy!


2. The Plot continues

“Did you see Perrie’s hair? It’s PURPLE! I mean, who dies their hair purple??” Carrie asked Taylor. “I mean, seriously. I have never seen that color on someone.”


            “Yeah, defiantly. I can’t believe Jackie let her dye her hair” said Taylor.


“She shouldn’t have done that. If she was going to dye her hair, it should have been a natural color like you extremely pretty blonde hair Taylor” complimented Carrie.


            “Thanks. And she really should have” stated Taylor.


            “Hey Carrie! Hey Taylor! Watcha talkin’’bout?” asked Jenny.


            “Hey girl! Did you see Perrie’s hair? Like – why did she do that?” explained Carrie.


            “I like it. I think that color compliments her nicely. That color is gorgeous” Jenny said defending Perrie against the wraths of Taylor.


            “Whatever you say Jenny” says Taylor, walking away.


            “Nice talking to you too, Taylor…” mumbled Jenny.

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