The Gossip

This is the story about a girl named Perrie, and how one little comment about her new hair style, can change her good day - too very bad fast.

I hope you enjoy!


5. The End? Not quite....

“Do you think what you said to Taylor last night affected her at all? BTW – your speech was amazing!” Dani asked Perrie.


            “I don’t know, Dani. I just hope she’s ok,” said Perrie.


            “Perrie – You CAN’T be serious! She trashed talked you, and yelled at you! And all you want is for her to be OK?!” a surprised Dani exclaimed.


            “Yeah, just because she was a jerk to me, doesn’t mean that I have to be one to her,” explained Perrie. “One of us has to be the bigger person.”



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