The Gossip

This is the story about a girl named Perrie, and how one little comment about her new hair style, can change her good day - too very bad fast.

I hope you enjoy!


4. The Confrontation

“Hey, Taylor” said Perrie, approaching her and Carrie.


 “Hey” Taylor stated in a bored tone. “What do you want?”


 “Well, I want to know why you were talking about me behind my back.”


  “W-Why would we do that, Perrie? Were friends aren’t we?” Carrie asked nervously, knowing that Perrie could see right through her façade.


      “I don’t know Carrie. Why would you?” questioned Perrie.


    “Perrie, what are you talking about? We would NEVER talk about you! We are besties.” Taylor said in a very sarcastic voice.


  “Don’t play games with me, Taylor. I know you were talking about me. I have proof” Perrie said, motioning to Jenny.


“Now, I still don’t think that you would think we were talking about you in a bad way, Perrie. Jenny, Carrie and I were only making an observation on your new hair job. Right, Jenny?” Taylor stated.


         “I… Uh… Yeah – no. I’m not sticking up for you, or defending you Taylor. Perrie is my real friend. You were talking nasty about Per. And I don’t like it, or appreciate the fact that you would talk like that to someone you just called your ‘bestie’. If you talk about your friend like this…” Jenny accused Taylor, slowly her voice was raising in a crescendo so all the guard could hear her.


“WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU’VE SAID ABOUT THE REST OF US!!” yelled Jenny. When she noticed that she had everyone’s attention, she lowered her voice. “Like – Seriously Taylor. All of us look up to you, and call you our friend. And you just repay us by stabbing us in the back and talk crap about us. What kind of friend is that? A shitty one – huh? Don’t you agree? We have never talked about you like that? What if we did? Ya know what I think you would do? You would tell on us to the band director, get us in trouble – when it’s really you who should get in deep trouble.”


            Jenny paused for a second, to take a breath and figure out what to say next when Perrie stepped into help Jenny.


            “Yeah Taylor. You talk about us to Carrie. What have you said about Carrie? I mean if you call me your ‘bestie’, then what is Carrie? And if I have that title, and you still talk about me, what is Carrie, and what have you said about her?” Perrie said, trying to find out the truth about this girl chick’s real opinion of everyone.


            “Taylor? Have you talked about me?” Carrie said in a worried tone. She thought ‘What? She could’ve been saying things about me like she’s been saying about them? How could she? She’s my best friend.’  


                                                        Taylor didn’t say a word.


“How could you??! We’re best friends. Or we were. I don’t know if can be your friend anymore if you would do this to me.” Carrie said, then she walked away.




            “You brought this upon yourself, Taylor. If you hadn’t said anything in the first place, none of this would have happened. This is considered bullying. If you do stuff to all the people you’re friends with, you could get into some serious trouble. Its harassment. I don’t want to see you in trouble, but I do want you to fix your attitude with me and my friends. We didn’t do anything to you for you to talk about us behind our backs. It was all you. It’s on you to fix everything with who you want to be friends with. 

I don’t feel like you know how big something you say can hurt someone. The saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me’ is so untrue. Your words can hurt someone in a humongous way.  Just remember what happened so something like this doesn’t happen again, because this can hurt you in some way too,” Perrie explained to Taylor in a super calm manner.


“Whatever you say, super brat” Taylor shouted at her as she stormed away.

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