The Gossip

This is the story about a girl named Perrie, and how one little comment about her new hair style, can change her good day - too very bad fast.

I hope you enjoy!


1. How It All Started

            It was just an ordinary day. School was fine – but boring, as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Perrie was excited for guard practice that night because she had nailed the big impact toss in the flag feature. It was, just a normal Monday.


            She arrived at practice a half hour early, as usual. Perrie joined her friends Dani, or Danielle, and Ele, or Eleanor as her parents insisted on calling her. They chatted about the show and their favorite band – One Direction until Perrie made everyone head down to the cafeteria where they had to practice because the athletic people would give them gym time.


            As usual, the girls complained, and only four people came down to fold the tables and push them against the walls. The girls were not surprised to the lacking number of “clean-up crew” had joined them. It was the norm, so to speak. Perrie, Dani, Ele, and the two other girls folded the tables, set up the tarp and the props, and started stretching before the rest of the guard walked in. This is how practically every single practice went.


            “Why are we the ones who always get the floor set up and we have to take them down and put everything back for EVERY practice? Why don’t THEY have to do anything? They don’t do anything unless they are forced to doing it by the instructors. I’m sick of this. They are so rude” Perrie told her friends.


            “I don’t know, Perrie. I think that the only thing they care about is themselves. You do so much for the guard and band. You should get a ‘day off’ and not have to do anything for one practice” Ele said to try and comfort her friend.


            “It just doesn’t make any sense. One of the girls who doesn’t do a thing is the CAPTAIN. She should be doing the most. Not me. Selfish much?” Perrie said, trying to explain her feelings.


            “OK – Everyone! Let’s start at the last set of the first song!” instructed Jackie, the color guard director.


            As they were getting their flags and weapons placed in the correct spots, and getting to their sets the captain and her sidekick, Taylor and Carrie were pointing and giggling at Perrie, Dani, and Ele.


            “Did you see that?” asked Perrie.


“See what?” questioned Ele.


“I did. Taylor and her little sidekick were laughing at us. Rude” stated Dani.


“That’s so NOT COOL!” Ele exclaimed.


“You speak the truth sister. What was with that anyway?” asked Perrie.


“I want to know why. I don’t like this. We didn’t do anything” said Dani.


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