it all started with a chance

Amber Jones is a seventeen year old girl who just moved to a new town. she gets to start over. new friends, new school, new everything. but unfortunately the school jerk takes an interest in her. but she goes against the one thing she promises herself, she begins to fall for him


3. the dream

Amber's pov

I was in that place again. it was a garden. I was sitting there taking photo's of my surroundings when two strong arms wrapped around me. 'hey princess. how are you?' he asked as I closed my eyes.

'when am I going to see who you are?' I asked as he sat and pulled me into his lap with my back still to him.

'if you see who I am, it may change everything. let's just enjoy what we have now, and when the time comes, I will show you.' he said as he rubbed my arms.

'it's really beautiful here. I wish I could see it in person instead of a dream.' I said as I leaned back into him.

'all in good time.' he said as I sighed.

'can you at least give me a clue as to who you are?' I asked as he chuckled and kissed the small part of my shoulder that was exposed.

'I am some one you know, someone who cares, someone you are going to be very close with. I will always be with you, because even if I don't know it out there yet, I love you.' he said before he disappeared and left me to figure out who he was.

soon I was woken up by my alarm which got shut off by Justin. 'morning princess.' he said with a small smile as he used the nickname that not only my dad used but the guy in my dream did to.

'morning Justin. thanks for last night. I wouldn't have gotten to sleep with that storm.' I said as he smiled.

'well, we should get ready.' he said as I nodded and we got up and got ready for school. he wore my favorite outfit of Toby's.

we went downstairs and ate breakfast before leaving for school. I was wearing black shorts and a red t-shirt with black sandals. my hair was in a ponytail and I had my makeup as it usually was. 'you look nice today.' Justin said as I smiled.

'thanks, so don't you.' I said as he smiled. when we got to school we went to class and took our seats after saying hi to ms. O'Conner.

I took my sketch book out and began to draw my dream from last night. 'Amber, what are you drawing?' Justin asked as he looked over to watch me begin the drawing.

'nothing, just my dream from last night.' I said as I continued to work. class started and again Justin went through the day doing his work and just being really sweet.

'so Amber, I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go out with me Thursday night? maybe dinner and a movie?' he asked as I smiled and nodded.

'that sounds great, I would love to.' I said as he smiled. I don't know why but he seems like someone that I have been out with before.

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