it all started with a chance

Amber Jones is a seventeen year old girl who just moved to a new town. she gets to start over. new friends, new school, new everything. but unfortunately the school jerk takes an interest in her. but she goes against the one thing she promises herself, she begins to fall for him


4. the date

Amber's pov

I was getting ready for my date with Justin and I was actually pretty excited. I wore a purple dress that was just above my knees with a pair of black sandals. I curled my hair and did my make up before walking down stairs.

'don't you look nice.' my dad said to me as I smiled.

'thanks daddy.' I said as he smiled. I sat down beside him and waited for Justin to get here.

'now why is my princess all dressed up?' he asked with a small, playful smile showing.

'I already told you that Justin and I are going on a date tonight.' I said as he laughed a little. right then there was a knock on the door.

'I'll get it!' Devin yelled as he ran to the door. he has been looking forward to the next time he would see Justin.

'hey little man, what's up?' Justin asked as he walked into the house. Devin laughed as Justin walked into the living room. my mom hugged him and my dad shook his hand. I stood up and he smiled.

'you look beautiful. are you ready?' he asked as I nodded.

'have her home by ten.' my dad said as Justin nodded and I kissed his cheek and said goodbye. we walked to the car and he opened the door for me. I got in and he went to the drivers side.

we got to the restaurant and got out of the car. I looked at the place and it looked expensive. 'Justin, this place looks expensive.' I said while he took my hand and smiled.

'it's fine, I have everything covered.' he said as I nodded.

'name?' a lady behind a podium asked with a kind smile.

'Bieber, party of two.' he said as she looked down the list. when she found the reservation she grabbed two menus and led us to our table. we sat and ordered our food.

'can I ask you a question?' he asked as I nodded.

'will you tell me about your dream? the one you drew.' he asked as I nodded.

'its nothing much really, the guy, he just makes me feel safe and loved. he said I know him and I am close to him, that he loves me and would never leave me. but in reality I have no clue who he is.' I said as he nodded.

'and the place, is it always there?' Justin asked as I nodded.

'its weird you know, I have a similar dream, same place. but I don't know who my girl is. I don't know why but I always stand behind her and refuse to show her who I am. but here I am on a date with you and I am very happy about it.' he said as I nodded.

after we finished our dinner we went to the movie theatre and watched a comedy. by time the movie got out we had ten minutes to get to my house. it didn't take to long to get back to my house and Justin walked me to the door.

we stood there for a moment and Justin took both my hands into his. I looked down and he lifted my head so he was looking into my eyes. he leaned forward and kissed my cheek. his lips lingered a moment before he pulled away.

'I'm gonna pick you up for school in the morning okay?' he asked as I nodded. I watched him walk to his car and drive off before I walked inside. I had a grin plastered on my face as I walked up stairs and got ready for bed.

I was sitting in my spot just looking out over the field. then those very strong arms that I became so comfortable with wrapped around me. 'miss me?' he asked as I rested my head back.

'I was thinking of you. how you say you are a person I know. it was on my mind all night. I went on a date tonight with an amazing guy who I actually really like but I felt, guilty? I guess.' I said as he squeezed me.

'all in good time. but don't feel guilty, if you like him, go out with him. its perfectly okay with me. I know who he is any ways.' he said as I raised an eyebrow.

'when can I know who you are? I would be so happy just to know who you are.' I said as he sighed.

'if it's really what you want. then I guess its time.' he said as he let me go and I heard him stand up.

I got up and waited for his okay to turn around. 'alright my princess, turn around.' he said as I turned around.

'Justin?' I asked a little stunned. he smiled while he looked down.

'you need to understand something, I'm the same person, but different. here, I know I'm in love with you, but in reality I am still trying to figure it all out. you have to give me time.' he said as I nodded.

'Justin, I love you too.' I said as he smiled and kissed me softly. it was wonderful and everything I hoped for until my alarm went off in the morning.

so, Justin, he's the one from my dreams, the one I'm in love with, the one that doesn't know it yet.

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