it all started with a chance

Amber Jones is a seventeen year old girl who just moved to a new town. she gets to start over. new friends, new school, new everything. but unfortunately the school jerk takes an interest in her. but she goes against the one thing she promises herself, she begins to fall for him


2. get to know you

Amber's pov

I walked into the school the next morning wearing a plain blue t-shirt with white skinny jean and black sneakers. my hair was down and straight today and I did my makeup the same as every other day. I walked to my first period as soon as I got to school and smiled at my teacher.

I looked in the back and saw Justin, sitting in his seat. 'why are you here so early?' I asked as I took my seat.

'serving morning detention since I skipped out on yesterdays. why are you here so early?' he asked as I smiled.

'I come early every morning. I don't really have friends to hang around with before class. it is only my second day here.' I said as he looked down and shook his head.

'so you aren't gonna give me that chance I asked for?' he asked as I smiled.

'that's why I wanted to talk to you. if you can show me that you aren't a jerk, I would be more then happy to be your friend.' I said as his face lit up.

'how about today, after school. we could hang out. I could get to know you.' he said as I smiled.

'I would really like that. we could hang out at my house.' I said as he nodded in agreement.

I took out my sketch pad and continued with a picture I had been working on. Justin leaned over and looked at the notepad.

'you drew that?' Justin asked as I nodded. he smiled and examined the picture more.

'what is it? where did you see this place?' he asked with a small smile.

'I dreamt it once. I dreamt I was there with some guy. I never saw his face. he was stood behind me, holding me, making me feel safe. we were stood like the two people here. the same place and everything.' I said as he looked closely.

'well, dreams are sometimes glimpses into the future. maybe you'll find this someone and he'll bring you there. you know, we have a place just like that here?' he asked as I looked at him.

I didn't know.' I said as he nodded and sat back in his seat. I didn't know what to say after that. I went back to finish the drawing. when I was finished I smiled at it. it seemed almost perfect.

I signed my name to the bottom of it and saw Justin admiring it from his seat. I smiled and placed it on his desk. 'you take it. I could always make another.' I said as he smiled and placed it in the front of his binder.

'perfect place for an amazing picture.' Justin said as I smiled. then the bell rang and class started. he actually paid attention in class and did his work.

'Amber, can I speak to you for a minute.' ms. O'Conner asked as I nodded and stayed behind.

'I don't know what you said to Justin but I am happy you said it. this is the first time he did his work in my class.' she said as I smiled.

'all he needed was a chance.' I said as she smiled before writing me a pass to my next class. I made my way there and took my seat. just waiting for school to be over with.

when it was over Justin drove me home while we talked about the project we had been assigned for history. 'you know, you surprised me today. you did all of your work, you paid attention and now here we are talking about our history project.' I said as he smiled.

'only for you.' he said with a kind smile. he pulled in front of my house and locked me in the car after he got out. he walked around and opened the door for me.

'thanks.' I said as he helped me out. we grabbed our bags and went inside. my dad was sitting on the couch watching T.V so I walked over to greet him.

'hi daddy.' I said as he smiled.

'hi princess, how was your day? that Justin kid giving you trouble?' he asked as Justin awkwardly coughed.

'nice to meet you sir. I'm Justin Bieber, Amber's friend. I'm here to work with her on our history project.' he said as my dad looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

'chances daddy, remember that. we'll be in my room. enjoy your show.' I said as I kissed his cheek before showing Justin to my room. we took a seat on my bed and I got my laptop.

'so what state should we do our project on?' I asked as he thought for a moment.

'one that not many people know of. you know? it'll make it a bit more interesting.' he said as I smiled and nodded in agreement.

we were searching for one when Devin walked in my room. 'hey Dev, what's up?' I asked as he looked over at Justin.

'are you really here to work on a project or to get with my sister? cause Billy says that yo-' he began but I cut him off.

'Devin, that's so rude. you need to go to your room and stop listening to Billy.' I said as Justin smiled.

'I am actually here to do a project with your sister. we are just friends. and if you are talking about Billy Jacobs, don't listen to him. he likes to tell fibs.' Justin said with a nice smile. Devin smiled before leaving my room.

'he seems like a cool little brother. I have a little brother and a little sister. Jazzy and Jaxon.' he said as I smiled.

'well it's just me and Devin. ooh how about New Hampshire. my mom went on business there once. not many people know of it. it's perfect.' I said as Justin agreed. we began to search it and take notes.

'so tell me about you? your family, what you like, anything.' Justin said as I looked up from the computer.

'well, I am the oldest, younger brother Devin, my mom Lillian and my dad Jeffery. I like drawing and photography. my favorite color is purple and my favorite flower is a lilac. what about you?' I asked as he looked at me while I began with notes again.

'I am also the oldest, younger brother Jaxon, younger sister Jazzy, my mom Pattie and my dad Jeremy. I like singing and playing guitar. my favorite color is also purple and my favorite flower is a rose.' he said as I smiled.

'well keep going, your turn to share again.' he said as I smiled.

'I have always gotten straight A's never got below a B on a test and never went against something my parents said.' I said as his eyes widened.

'I have never gotten an A, never gotten above a B on a test and almost always go against what my parents say. at least, after their break up I did. they never even got married.' he said as I looked up from the computer.

'I'm sorry. I didn't know that.' I said as he shrugged.

'it's all part of getting to know me I guess.' he said with a small smile as we continued on our project.

'Amber. I'm making dinner now, would you like to help?' my mom asked as she entered my room.

'yeah mom, is it okay if Justin stays for dinner?' I asked as she nodded.

'anything in particular that you may like?' my mom asked as he shrugged.

'I like spaghetti but you don't have to make that.' he said as I smiled widely.

'well you're in luck. spaghetti and meatballs is Amber's best dish. you want to make it yourself tonight Amber?' my mom asked as I nodded.

Justin and I put our notes away and went downstairs. I got everything I needed and began to cook. Justin was helping me until his phone began to ring. 'hey mom, what's up?' he asked as he waited a moment.

'that was tonight? I'm sorry, I'm eating with a friend tonight. tell John that I am sorry and won't make it.' he said as he waited another moment.

'he doesn't like me anyways.' Justin said as I looked at him curiously.

'you aren't? I don't have my keys.' he said as he sat down at the table.

'I will figure something out. enjoy your night mom, I love you, good night.' he said as he hung up the phone.

'that was my mom. I completely forgot about her boyfriends birthday dinner and she isn't going home. I have no way of getting in tonight.' he said as my mom walked into the kitchen.

'why don't you stay here tonight? you can sleep on a cot in Amber's room. Amber you still have Toby's clothes?' my mom asked as I nodded.

'mind if Justin uses an outfit?' she asked as I shook my head.

'I really appreciate it ms. Jones.' he said as she smiled. I finished up with dinner. after we ate Justin and I went up to my room to get ready for bed.

we set the cot up and made it so he would be able to sleep on it and then I opened up my closet. in the back I had all of Toby's clothes. 'are sweats okay?' I asked as Justin nodded.

'why do you have so many guy clothes?' he asked as he took the pants from me as I grabbed one of the shirts.

'Toby was my boyfriend who lived with us. he passed away from pneumonia a couple months ago. I keep his clothes as a reminder. I wear his shirts to bed cause they are comfy and still smell like him.' I said as a single tear fell.

'I'm sorry, please don't cry.' Justin said as he wiped it away before bringing me in for a hug. after that, we got ready for bed and we just laid there for a few moments before a thunder storm rolled in.

I jumped and hid under my blanket. 'you alright Amber?' Devin said as he peeked into the room.

'y-yeah. thanks Dev.' I said from under the blanket.

Justin's pov

'do you want to sleep in my room with me again?' Devin asked as Amber politely turned him down. Devin snuck over to me and I turned to face him.

'she's really afraid of storms. normally she just comes in my room and stays in my bed so she knows someone is there. Toby use record tapes for her to listen to when a storm came around and he wasn't here. she won't listen to them. can you just take care of her for me?' Devin asked as I nodded. he left the room and closed the door behind him.

'Amber? I'm kind of afraid of storms, do you mind if I join you up there? I don't like sleeping by myself during a storm.' I said as she moved over and made space for me. I climbed into her bed and wrapped my arms around her.

with every pound of the thunder and flash of the rain, she hid her face deeper into my bare chest. 'so, you still call your dad daddy and he calls you princess?' I asked trying to take her mind off of the storm.

'yeah, we always have.' she said while still shaking. I gently stroke her hair and held her close to me.

'do you want me to sing to you? it might help get our minds off of the storm.' I asked as she nodded.

I took a deep breathe before beginning. 'well let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. he fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feels nothing but joy. but she was already broken, and it made her blind but she could never believe that love would ever treat her right. but did you know that I loved you, or were you not aware, that you're the smile on my face, and I aint going no where. I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile. I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while. what's gonna make you fall, in love, I know you got your walls wrapped all the way around your heart, don't have to be scared at all, oh my love. you cant fly unless you let yourself fall.' I sang and when I looked down she was sound asleep.

I kissed the top of her head before going to sleep myself.

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