it all started with a chance

Amber Jones is a seventeen year old girl who just moved to a new town. she gets to start over. new friends, new school, new everything. but unfortunately the school jerk takes an interest in her. but she goes against the one thing she promises herself, she begins to fall for him


1. first day

Amber's pov

I was actually kind of excited when I woke up Monday morning. I was starting at my new school and I couldn't be any happier. I got up and picked out a white crop top with denim shorts. I walked into the bathroom and curled my long brown hair before putting it up in a pony tail I used my smokey eye shadow to make my bright blue eyes stand out just a little bit more. I finished up my make up by putting on strawberry flavored lip gloss. after that I walked out of my room and went down stairs.

'morning princess.' my dad said to me with a kind smile as he read the morning paper. my mom was making breakfast for everyone.

'morning daddy.' I said with a kind smile of my own. calling my dad daddy was just something I never really grew out of.

'nice belly button.' my brother, Devin said with a small chuckle.

'morning to you too Devin. mom, I'm just gonna go straight to school. love you.' I said as I put my white sandals on before grabbing my bag and leaving. I walked to school and when I stepped foot on school property, all eyes were on me. I walked in and made my way to the office.

'hello. can I help you?' a women sitting behind a desk asked as I smiled at her.

'yes, my name is Amber Jones, I'm new here.' I said as she smiled before printing something off. she handed me my schedule and smiled.

'here you go. have a wonderful first day, if you need anything at all just come to the office and ask for Jenny.' she said as I smiled before thanking her and leaving. I began to walk to find my first class and I found it rather quickly. I walked in and found a friendly looking teacher beginning to set everything for the day.

'are you ms. O'Conner?' I asked as she looked up. she smiled and nodded.

'you must be Amber Jones. only student to show up early huh?' she asked as I looked around and shrugged.

'I guess so.' I said as she smiled and let out a light chuckle.

'why don't you sit in this row, all the way in the back. that will be your seat for the year.' she said as I smiled and nodded before heading to my seat.

'so where are you coming here from?' she asked as I looked up from my sketch book.

'Beverly hills. we just moved here because of my fathers work.' I said as she smiled.

'wow, Beverley hills. I have always wanted to go there. it looks so extravagant.' she said with a wide smile.'

'I guess it is a little. but when you grow up there, it doesn't seem like it's much.' I said as she nodded. then the bell rang and students began to file in. we were just about to start lesson when a boy walked in, interrupting the whole class.

'late again mr. Bieber. no distractions today or I will have to give you a detention.' ms. O'Conner said as he rolled his eyes and took a seat next to me.

'ms. O'Conner, I don't believe you have introduced the class to the new girl.' he said as he winked at me. I rolled my eyes and looked up at the front of the room.

'well, everyone, this is Amber Jones, she just moved here from Beverley hills. be nice, especially you back there mr. Bieber.' she said as he smiled.

we got to work and that Bieber kid placed a paper on my desk. 'my name's Justin. meet me in the hall after class. we can skip second period together so I can get to know you better.' it said as I shook my head and placed the paper in my notebook.

'hey, you didn't write back. Amber? hello? are you def. I'm speaking to you.' he whispered while poking my arm.

'detention Justin. tonight. now leave Amber alone.' ms. O'Conner said as Justin sat back in his seat. I continued on with my notes and when class was over I packed my stuff up to leave to second period.

'rich girl!' Justin called after me as I just continued walking to my next class. he caught up and began to walk beside me.

'my name isn't rich girl. its Amber.' I said while looking straight ahead.

'well, let's go, the cafeteria is that way.' he said as he grabbed my hand. I roughly pulled it away and looked at him with disgust.

'just leave me alone, I am not and nor will I ever skip class with the likes of you.' I said as he raised his eyebrow.

'the likes of me. a little harsh to judge someone you just met.' he said with a challenging tone.

'you don't think I know your type when I see it. you are the school jerk and I want nothing to do with you. so if you don't mind I have a class to get to.' I said before walking into my classroom.

after school ended I was happy to go home. Justin ended up being in everyone of my classes and he just wouldn't leave me alone. I was walking when a car slowed down beside me. the window rolled down and there he was, Justin. 'hey babe, need a ride?' he asked as I shook my head.

'no. I'm fine. why don't you go ask one of the tons of other girls you were flirting with today?' I said with out looking at him.

'cause it isn't them I want. just hop in.' he said as I kept walking. he had to leave sooner or later.

'I'm not leaving. not unless you get in, if you don't I'll just have to walk you to your door. maybe say hi to mom and dad.' he said as I shook my head.

'why me?' I asked while stopping to look at him. he looked at me confusedly as I waited for a response.

'what do you mean?' he asked as he stopped the car and got out. he walked around to stand in front of me.

'why do you want me?' I asked as he smiled.

'you're different, innocent, but not easy. you don't through yourself at me and now I am interested. I am interested in getting to know you, everything about you, every part of you. but that will have to wait.' he said with a wink. I rolled my eyes as he chuckled.

'come on, get in. you'd be surprised at what I am really like.' he said as he opened the passengers door for me. I got into the front seat of his car, finally giving into what he was asking of me. I took it as he was just looking for a chance.

I told him where I live and he drove me straight there. he tried to start up a few conversations but I just remained silent. when he pulled up in front of my house I went to get out but he locked the door. 'what do you want Justin?' I asked as he turned to look at me.

'a chance to prove that I can be a good guy. please?' he asked as I sighed and unlocked the door before getting out.

'thanks for the ride Justin.' I said before walking into my house. I walked into the living room where my dad was siting and sat beside him.

'hey princess, how was school?' my dad asked as I shrugged.

'okay I guess.' I said as he shut the T.V off.

'alright, who is he?' my dad asked as I smiled. he knew me so well.

'his name is Justin Bieber, he's the jerk of her school and he likes her.' Devin said as he walked through the door.

'how do you know?' I asked as he smiled.

'my friend Billy's older brother is friends with him. I have all the info.' Devin said as I rolled my eyes.

'you have a crush on the jerk of the school?' my dad asked surprised.

'no, he just asked for a chance to prove he isn't a bad guy. I'm thinking about it. daddy, everyone deserves a chance right?' I asked as he sighed.

'yeah, but if he tries anything, just remember what I taught you.' he said as I smiled.

'I will daddy, I promise.' I said as I kissed his cheek before going up to my room to do my homework. tomorrow, I was going to tell Justin that he has the chance he asked for. I am curious to see how this spans out.

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