it all started with a chance

Amber Jones is a seventeen year old girl who just moved to a new town. she gets to start over. new friends, new school, new everything. but unfortunately the school jerk takes an interest in her. but she goes against the one thing she promises herself, she begins to fall for him


5. be my girl

Justin's pov

I saw my girl and I was very surprised with what I saw. it was Amber. it didn't make sense to me though because these dreams started the night before I met her. how could that happen. she was the one I am in love with and we haven't even been going out that long. was I suppose to tell her? what if the guy in her dreams is someone else?

I just needed to see her, so when I woke up, I got ready and went to go pick her up. when I got to her house, I knocked on the door and waited a moment. that's when Devin answered the door. I smiled at him while he smiled back at me.

'she isn't ready yet, but she's been talking to herself all morning. about some guy. I don't know if it's you or not though. couldn't hear her clearly through the door. but you can go upstairs.' he said as I smiled before thanking him. when I got up to her room I knocked on her door and she opened it. she was dressed but her hair was still wet.

'hey, I'm not ready yet, you can just sit on my bed. I should be ready shortly.' she said as I nodded and walked into her room. tell her you wimp. you never know what will happen. my conscious said while I sighed.

'I had another dream last night. I saw his face.' she said nervously. I became really nervous when she said that.

'I saw my girls face too.' I said back with the same amount of nervousness. here it goes. its time to tell her.

'its you.' we both said at the same time. my eyes widened as I shot up. she had come to the bathroom doorway and her eyes were also wide. I noticed that she was ready for school now.

'd-do you love me?' I asked while she stood there breathing deeply while she slowly nodded.

'do you love me?' she asked while I nodded rapidly. she smiled and ran over to me while hugging me.

'now what happens?' she asked while slightly pulling away. I smiled and looked down, into her eyes.

'be my girl.' I said as she nodded slowly. I smiled and softly kissed her. I was happy to know she was the girl because I was in love with her either way.

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