You and I

Katie and Harry had been dating for about four years. Harry debates weather he should or shouldn't do something. Katie finds that one of her extremely close friends is in love with her. Will their problems be resolved? Read to find out.


11. You Think About That?

Harry walked in and sat next to me. He held my hand.

   "Hey." He said quietly.

   "Hey."  I reply.

   "Don't get freaked out about this, but um, do you ever think about, having a family?" He managed. I looked at him.

   "I, constantly think about it. But no kids, until I'm married." We had discussed that before.

   "I think about that sometimes to." He sighed. I tried to hide my smile, but I failed.

   "You do?"

   "Yeah. But I only think about it." He said quickly. My smile went away, so I just faked a smile.

   "Yep." I sighed. He squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek.

  "Lou, wants me to meet him at the studio."

   "Oh, um, yeah okay." I kiss him goodbye.

   "Are you okay?"

   "Yeah, I'm fine." He smiled and left.

Harry's POV

I got to the studio and immediately saw Louis.

   "Is she?"

   "Yeah." I reply.

   "So your going to do it?" He asked.

   "Yeah." I said smiling. Just then Liam walked out.

   "I figured now is better than never." Louis mumbled.

   "I'm sorry I said I loved her. I know she is your girlfriend. It was building up, and I wanted it out."

   "Its okay." I spoke. I didn't want to argue with Liam. He doesn't deserve it. I was just more focused on the fact, I was going to propose.

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