You and I

Katie and Harry had been dating for about four years. Harry debates weather he should or shouldn't do something. Katie finds that one of her extremely close friends is in love with her. Will their problems be resolved? Read to find out.


22. Woah. This is interesting.

I started to walk out of the kitchen to check on Darcy.

I saw Zoe and Louis, but they didn't see me.

  "She is so cute!" Zoe said holding Darcy up so Louis could see.

  "Yeah. Adorable." He said.

  "What's wrong?" Zoe asked.

  "Well, its just that, I was thinking," This is interesting. "long and hard, and uh," On with it Lou. "um, I want to start a family." He managed. My mouth dropped. Yes! Say yes!

   "You know, I wanted to say the same thing." Zoe smiled. He leaned in and kissed her. So perfect together. I ran in and grabbed Darcy.

   "Please don't have sex when my baby is around." I said and then walked away. I walked into mine and Harry's room.

   "Harry!" I yell- whispered.

   "Are they?" He asked, taking Darcy from me.

   "You knew?"

   "So, yes."

   "I am happy for them Harry, but they need the space and we need the space." I sigh sitting on the bed.

  "Speaking of, is four bedrooms enough for us?" He asked.

   "What are you talking about Styles?" I ask.

   "I found a decent place, and I bought it. Now before you hate me, I'm just going to let you know, Its the one you said you wanted." At first I wanted to punch him. Instead I gave him a kiss.

   "l love you." He said.

   "I love you too." I said kissing him one more time before taking Darcy so I could put her to bed.

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