You and I

Katie and Harry had been dating for about four years. Harry debates weather he should or shouldn't do something. Katie finds that one of her extremely close friends is in love with her. Will their problems be resolved? Read to find out.


19. Wake up.

"Katie." I heard this softly in my ear.

   "Katie. Kaatiiee." Louis repeated in my ear.

   "Fuck. Off." I mumbled.

   "Fine. I will eat all the pancakes and bacon. By. My. Self." Louis said.

    "Excuse me?" Zoe said. I sit up and walk out of the room. I get into the kitchen and see Harry standing in front of the stove. I walk up behind him and rest my chin on his shoulder.

    "Good morning." I sigh. He turns around and kisses me.

   "Morning, beautiful." He smiled. I was three months pregnant.

    "Is the food done yet? We are starving!" Louis yelled as he walked into the kitchen with Zoe. Zoe hit his arm.

    "Louis don't yell." She said.

    "Sorry." He sighed as he kissed her cheek.

    "But seriously, I want to eat." Zoe suddenly got really serious.

    "Fine, you make it." Harry said stepping away.

    "Fine! I will! Sorry if I burn it." She walks to the counter.

   "Oh My! I am hungry and I am eating for two, so I don't care if its burnt or still the batter. I just want to eat." I pouted.

    "Yeah! I am two also!" Louis yelled.

   "Um, Lou, you're not pregnant." I inform him.

   "Sh! I know! Maybe I'll get to eat sooner." He whispers. Zoe chuckles. I roll my eyes.

   "I think you have all spent too much time with Niall." Harry laughed. He was probably right.

   "I think Katie and Zoe should eat it all." Zoe laughed.

   "No! That's what the ice cream and chocolate are for!" Louis squeals. Wow, he was hungry.

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