You and I

Katie and Harry had been dating for about four years. Harry debates weather he should or shouldn't do something. Katie finds that one of her extremely close friends is in love with her. Will their problems be resolved? Read to find out.


5. Only The Bet boyfriend ever.

I walked into our flat and saw Harry standing by the couch.

  "Hello beautiful." Harry smiled as he pulled me into a hug. 

  "Hi." I replied.

  "So, what do you wanna do for our anniversary?" He asked. He always made me choose.

  "I want to stay here and cuddle and watch movies." He smiled.

  "I like that idea." He replied. He kissed me and fell back on to the couch. I quickly balled up next to him.

 After about three movies, Harry sat up.

   "We are very lazy people when we are in the same room." He laughed.

   "Yeah, but we are lazy together." I giggled. He started to stand up.

   "Where are you going?" I asked.

   "I will be back." He smiled. There was a lot of smiling that day. When he came back, he was holding a black rectangular box. He sat down next to me and handed it to me. I carefully opened it. Inside was the emerald necklace that I had wanted for so long. I smiled and looked over at Harry. I quickly hugged him as tight as I could.

     "You" I kissed him. "Are" and again, "The" and again," Best" and again, "Boyfriend." He smiled and rested his forehead on mine.

     "Your the best girlfriend ever." He said sweetly. Our fingers were intertwined.

      "I love you so much, Harry!" I cried.

      "I love you too, Katie"

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