You and I

Katie and Harry had been dating for about four years. Harry debates weather he should or shouldn't do something. Katie finds that one of her extremely close friends is in love with her. Will their problems be resolved? Read to find out.


7. I still need to think.

Harry's POV

      I sat on the love seat next to Katie. Our fingers were intertwined. She planted kisses on my cheek. Louis, and Zayn sat on the couch next to Niall. Liam was still sick at his flat.

   "So, Harry are you ever going to-" Before Louis could finish, Zayn smacked his hand over Louis mouth.

   "Ignore him." Zayn said. I glared at Louis, but I don't think Katie noticed. I could tell Louis was smiling behind Zayn's hand. Katie smiled at me.

   "I'll be back." She said standing up and walking into the kitchen. Zayn moved his hand away.

   "Are you?!" Zayn asked quickly.

   "I don't know! I need to think about it!"  

   "Harry, You love her. She loves you. You have been together for four years, I think the only reason not to is because you don't love her. You still love her, right?" Niall piped in.

    "With all my heart." I replied. " I just don't know if she is ready." I sighed

    "Trust me, she is." Louis said. I sighed. Katie walked back into the room with a glass of milk and set it  on the coffee table. I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her neck. I know I should propose, but I don't know if she is ready.

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