Louis and Savana were bestfriends since they were in diapers. But when Louis leaves unexpectedly for the X-Factor it leaves Savanna alone and broken. What happens when she finally breaks? What happens when he comes back and finds out she's Missing? He'll do anything to get her back.


1. Missing (Prolouge)

    When you were younger, you had a friend that would never leave your side. And with time, most friends grow apart, and others don't. She's Savanna Mitchell and her best friend was Louis Tomlinson. They were always together, and nothing could separate. But one thing did. He left for the X-Factor. She was alone, alone an broken, dealing from the things Louis protected her from. For  a couple weeks, she dealt with it. So one day.... she left. Savanna, disppeared, and she wasn't found.

Louis came back to horrible news.

"Sit down and listen." His Mom told him.

"Tell me." He said. They set a paper faced down on his lap.

"It's best if you're alone." She said before leaving.

He turned the paper over and 'MISSING' was in bold ith her picture under. He blames himsel, he was the only one who was ever there for her. Then he just, left her.

     Seeing that paper changed him. His parents said to move on, to not let it effect him, but he still thinks about her everyday. Sometimes, he wishes he could wake up and see her here.

"Louis was acting different but we never knew why." Harry said.

"I could tell he was hurting inside." Liam said.

"He would always ask about this girl." Niall said.

"We didn't know who she was until we saw posters on his nightstand." Zayn said.

"And even if he didn't tell us, that's when we knew he wasn't giving up. He was determined to find her." They said.

"I'll never stop looking because I know she's out there, and she needs me." Louis said.

"Every morning, he gets up quite early, just to go look for her." Harry said.

But heading home one morning, he bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled. Then he looked up.

"Savanna." He breathed out.


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