Louis and Savana were bestfriends since they were in diapers. But when Louis leaves unexpectedly for the X-Factor it leaves Savanna alone and broken. What happens when she finally breaks? What happens when he comes back and finds out she's Missing? He'll do anything to get her back.


2. Alone and Broken

*Savanna’s P.O.V*

            I sat on his bed in his empty room, staring at his blank wall. He’s gone. He left me, all alone. He was gonna go, and forget all about me. Who was going to protect me now? Who’s going to be my shoulder to cry on? Who was going to protect me from… myself?

*3 Weeks Later*

            I sat curled up on the couch at my apartment eating Ramen Noodles. The seat next to me, empty. I looked at the time, 10:48 pm. I should be going to bed since I have to go to work in the morning. I decided to sleep on the couch tonight. I grabbed the blanket and quickly fell asleep.

            I woke up at 7 am the next morning with my alarm blaring. I groaned and turned it off. I got up, walked into the bathroom, and turned the shower on. I pulled out my Starbucks uniform off of the clean clothes basket. I walked back into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and hopped into the shower.

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