Give Me Love

Since she was born, Hadley had been told that no one had wanted her. She lives in an orphanage because her mother just couldn't support her. At the age of just 5, she had been called ugly and worthless and the worst names you could imagine.

Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson have been wanting a child since before their wedding. After trying for months, the doctors confirmed that they could not have children. They turn to adoption.

All three of them will get what they have always wanted; A family.


3. Your voice sounds weird

Hadley's POV 


I was sitting on my bed drawing when I heard an announcement.


"All girls between the ages of 4 and 7 come to the living room in 5 minutes. Thank you." 


I closed my sketch book and walked to the dresser. I shared this room with two other girls. Ally and Sophia. Ally was 6 and Sophia was 4. They were both really nice and neither of them bullied me. They went downstairs to watch TV a while ago. 


Since we have to meet in the living room, someone must be here to adopt. We always sit there and they talk to us. Nobody ever seems to want me. Maybe today is the day.


It's really warm in Florida so I put on a pair of shorts and my favorite Justin Bieber t-shirt. It was a gift from one of the caretakers for my birthday. Her name is Nina. She says she thinks Justin is cute. 


I grabbed my hairbrush and dragged it through a couple of times. I didn't bother putting on any shoes because it's not like I'm leaving anyway. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch next to Ally. I was about to talk to her but Nina interrupted.


"Good afternoon, ladies. We have a couple here that would love to adopt one of you." We all smiled. 

"Without further ado, here are the Tomlinson's." 


Two young looking people walked into the room. I recognized him anywhere. He was the guy that sung the song about being beautiful. 


"Hello." said the woman. 


"The Tomlinson's are going to walk around and talk to each of you just to see who they would like to adopt. You know the drill. Good luck." 


I watched as the man walked over to talk to Leah. She was 7 and she bullied me. I don't know why. I never did anything to her. 


My heart started beating faster when I realized the woman was coming over to talk to me. 


"Hello, love." She said. Her voice sounded funny. 


"Hi." I said shyly. 


"What's your name?" She asked. 




"That's a very pretty name. My name is Eleanor." She said in her funny voice. 


I giggled. 


"What's so funny?" She asked confused. 


"Your voice sounds weird." I stated still laughing. 


She smiled.

"My voice sounds weird because I am not from here. My husband and I live in London. It's very far away from here. Everyone has a voice like mine there."  


I didn't really get it but who cares. 


"Oh. Do I have a weird voice?" I asked curiously. 


"Um, sort of but only because I'm used to hearing people talk like me." She said. 


I just smiled because I had nothing to say. 


"So is that Justin Bieber on your shirt?" she asked. 

I nodded. 


"You know I've met him before..." she said. 


"Really?!" I asked excitedly. 


She chuckled. 


"Yes. I've met him at a few parties. I guess you could say he's a friend of mine." she said. 


Eleanor was so nice and pretty I like her already. I hope she picks me. Maybe she could even introduce me to Justin. 


I smiled at the thought. 



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