Give Me Love

Since she was born, Hadley had been told that no one had wanted her. She lives in an orphanage because her mother just couldn't support her. At the age of just 5, she had been called ugly and worthless and the worst names you could imagine.

Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson have been wanting a child since before their wedding. After trying for months, the doctors confirmed that they could not have children. They turn to adoption.

All three of them will get what they have always wanted; A family.


10. Picky

Hadley's POV


I woke up to the sound of a loud TV. I opened my eyes to see that mommy and daddy weren't laying next to me anymore. Where did they go? I sat up in the bed. Uncle Harry was here. Why was he here? I thought he didn't like me. He looked over at me noticing I was awake. 


"Hey." He said. He sounded bored. 


"Hi." I said. I was kind of scared. I didn't know where mommy and daddy were and Uncle Harry was mean. 


"Where are mommy and daddy?" I asked. 


"They went to the store to buy some food. They asked me to watch you and feed you if you were hungry. Are you hungry?" He asked me. His voice sounded rude. 


My stomach growled quietly. 


"Yes." I said timidly. 


Uncle Harry went over to a small kitchen. We were in a hotel. I remember getting here last night after the concert. I don't remember falling asleep though. 


A couple minutes later Uncle Harry came back with a sandwich. He set it down on the floor. I crawled off the bed and thanked him. 


"Whatever." He mumbled. He went back over to his spot on the couch. I started inspecting the sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly. I'm not supposed to eat this. My face gets itchy and then I can't breath. I was about to go tell Uncle Harry when daddy walked in the room. 


I looked at him and he put his finger up to his mouth. He was telling me to be quiet. I think he was going to try and scare Uncle Harry. I nodded. I continued what I was doing. I stood up and grabbed the sandwich. I walked over to Uncle Harry. 


"Uncle Harry?" 


He looked at me annoyed. 




"I can't eat this." I said. 


"Why not?" He asked. He was getting mad and I was getting scared of him. I didn't like when people were mad at me. 


"It has peanut butter on it." I said shyly. 




Now I was really scared. I could feel tears in my eyes. He yelled at me and said a bad word. I started crying. 


"What the heck, Harry!" Daddy yelled. 


Uncle Harry looked nervous. He didn't know daddy was here. 


"Oh hey Louis. I-I-I didn't mean to-" 


Daddy cut him off. 


"No Harry! Don't try to lie to me. I came back early to try and play a little prank on you but I heard everything. How dare you yell at my daughter like that?! She's allergic to peanuts! You could have killed her!" 


"Lou I'm sorry-


"No Harry. Get out. You messed with my family. I don't want to see you right now." He said. 


Uncle Harry looked at me and frowned a little bit. I just sat there on the floor crying as Uncle Harry stood up and left. Daddy came over to me and picked me up. 


"I'm sorry baby." He said. He looked really sad. I kept crying. 


He pulled me closer and I buried my face into his neck. He started rocking back and forth trying to calm me down. I couldn't stop crying. No one has yelled at me like that before. 


"Shh. It's okay, baby. Shh. I know, I know." Daddy said. I slowly stopped crying and daddy sat down. I was still in his arms. He pulled me away from his body a little so he could see my face. 


"Are you okay babygirl?" he asked me. 


Remembering what just happened I shook my head and began crying again. 


"It's okay. I'll take care of Uncle Harry." He said. 


Take care of him? What did that mean? 


"I'm glad you didn't eat that sandwich." he said. "It hurts me to see you cry babygirl." 


I heard the door open. 


"What's wrong?" It was mommy. 


"I''ll tell you later." Daddy said. 


I pulled myself closer to him and he hugged me tight. 


"El, could you bring us a snack? She hasn't eaten yet." Daddy said. 


I had my head in daddy's neck so I couldn't see but I could hear mommy's footsteps as she got closer. 


"Thank you." Daddy said. 


We were already sitting on the bed so he scooted back until we hit the headboard. He started opening a package. 


"Hadley you have to eat something." He said. 


I pulled away a little but and saw that he had a bag of Goldfish crackers. He poured some in his hand and I took one. 


Mommy sat down on the other side of the bed. She stole some of the crackers. 


"NO!" daddy yelled. I giggled. 


"These are MY crackers!" HE continued. I giggled louder. 


"I'm sorry, Queen." Mommy said with a slight laugh.


Daddy was so funny. He knew how to cheer me up and I'm glad he did. What did he mean about taking care of Uncle Harry? 

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