Give Me Love

Since she was born, Hadley had been told that no one had wanted her. She lives in an orphanage because her mother just couldn't support her. At the age of just 5, she had been called ugly and worthless and the worst names you could imagine.

Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson have been wanting a child since before their wedding. After trying for months, the doctors confirmed that they could not have children. They turn to adoption.

All three of them will get what they have always wanted; A family.


8. Complete

Louis' POV 


"And now for the Twitter questions!" Harry announced. The crowd went crazy. 


"Okay first question." Harry said. "Can Zayn do the splits?" 


I laughed at the absurdity. Zayn? Doing the splits? Come on! 


"NO!" Zayn yelled. The crowd laughed. 


"Fine, fine." Harry said. "Next question is: Who is the little girl that was with Louis and Eleanor?


The boys looked at me. Should I tell the fans? Hmm. Why not? They deserve to know and they're going to find out eventually. I looked over backstage where Eleanor  was sitting with Hadley. I waved motioning them to come on stage. The walked out hand in hand. I smiled at Hadley who was still wearing her Justin Bieber t-shirt, shorts and purple converse. 


"Aww!" The crowd cooed. 


"Everyone, Eleanor and I found out recently that we aren't able to have children of our own so today we went out to the orphanage and found this sweet little girl who is an obvious fan of Justin Bieber." The crowd laughed at my joke. "Anyway, this is mine and Eleanor's adopted daughter, Hadley Tomlinson." 


I looked out into the crowd and there were mostly fans trying to snap pictures of Hadley and some were giving Hadley death glares. There were lots of cheers and maybe a couple of boos. 


"I expect you all to be respectful to our family. If you're not then I guess we'll all know that you aren't really Directioners." I said turning serious. I scooped up Hadley in one arm and kissed her cheek. The crowd started to snap more pictures and scream. 


"Thank you for coming to our show! You guys were great!" Niall yelled. 


We all ran off backstage. 


"Did you like the show Hadley?" Zayn asked. 


"Yes!" Hadley yelled. We all laughed. 


It was late at night and she probably didn't have a nap today but she still had a lot of energy.



We were back at the hotel now and Hadley was fast asleep between Eleanor and I. 


I looked at them and smiled. 


My life feels complete.

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