Give Me Love

Since she was born, Hadley had been told that no one had wanted her. She lives in an orphanage because her mother just couldn't support her. At the age of just 5, she had been called ugly and worthless and the worst names you could imagine.

Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson have been wanting a child since before their wedding. After trying for months, the doctors confirmed that they could not have children. They turn to adoption.

All three of them will get what they have always wanted; A family.


5. Adopted

Hadley's POV 


"Hadley! Pack your bags you're being adopted." 


My face broke out into a smile. 


I ran up to my room and grabbed out my suitcase. It was small but that's okay. I don't have a lot of things. I packed in all my toys and drawing stuff and lastly my stuffed elephant, Rosie. It was the only thing my mother left with me. Nina says she brought me here because she couldn't afford to have a child. 


There was a knock on the door. I looked up and it was Eleanor and Louis. 


"Are you almost done?" Louis asked. His voice sounded funny too. 


I nodded with a big smile. They both smiled back. I can't believe I was getting adopted. 


Louis' POV  

Hadley is the cutest thing. She has light brown hair and the biggest caramel eyes. Almost like Zayn's. 


I picked her up while Eleanor grabbed her bag. She was so light I could have easily carried her suitcase along with her. When we got downstairs she had to say goodbye to her friends while we finished up some paperwork. 


A woman came over with some papers. I read her name tag. She was called Nina.


"This is her birth certificate and medical records." She said. "Along with necessary information like her allergies. You really did pick a good kid" 


I smiled at her not knowing what else to say. 


Hadley came running into the room. 


"Are you ready, love?" I asked. 


"Yep." She confirmed. 


I scooped her up and thanked Nina. 


With Hadley in one arm and Eleanor wrapped under my other, we were off to enjoy the first day of the rest of our lives.

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