Give Me Love

Since she was born, Hadley had been told that no one had wanted her. She lives in an orphanage because her mother just couldn't support her. At the age of just 5, she had been called ugly and worthless and the worst names you could imagine.

Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson have been wanting a child since before their wedding. After trying for months, the doctors confirmed that they could not have children. They turn to adoption.

All three of them will get what they have always wanted; A family.


6. 4 Uncles

Louis' POV


When we got to the car I realized that we were going to need to buy a booster seat very soon. Hadley was small and I'm pretty sure we were breaking laws without one. 


I buckled her up and moved to the front seat of the car. I had taken my American drivers test and passed so yes, I am legally certified to be driving in America. 


"Where are we going Louis?" Hadley asked. 


"Sweetheart, you can call me dad. To answer you're question, Daddy is in a famous band so we have to go to a big stadium so we can sing for people." I replied. 


"Do you sing that song about being beautiful?" Hadley asked in her American accent. 


I smiled. "Yes I do. Your 4 uncles and I sing it. We are in a band called One Direction." 


"Oh. I know who you are. So my daddy is famous?" She asked. 


I smiled again. I've been smiling a lot lately but who can blame me? I'm finally a father AND she just called me 'daddy.' Who wouldn't smile at that? 




During the car ride we asked her questions so we could get to know her. She reminded me of myself. She was sassy but very sweet and polite. I liked that in a person. 


"Favorite color?" 


"Purple!" She said. 


"Favorite movie?" 




This went on all the way back to the stadium. We learned that she loved Justin Bieber and that her favorite food was Mac and  Cheese. She liked playing dress up and drawing and her favorite cartoon was Spongebob. She had been in the orphanage all her life and older girls would pick on her. Her favorite animal is a puppy. She has always wanted one but could never have one because she lived in an orphanage. She loves ice cream. Chocolate to be exact. She could eat anything chocolate. It was her second favorite food. Eleanor asked her if she could have one wish, what would it be? 


"My wish already came true. All I ever wanted was a family." She replied. 


My heart melted and by the looks of Eleanor's face, hers had too. 


Seconds later, we pulled up to the stadium. I am so excited to introduce Hadley to everyone.


I unlocked the doors and went to the back. I unbuckled Hadley and put her on my hip with my right arm supporting her. Eleanor grabbed the important papers Nina had gave to us. We didn't get a chance to read those.


I took Eleanor's hand as we walked towards the back door. We stepped inside and I could already hear the boys. 


"Boys come out I would like to introduce you to someone special!" I yelled. 


Suddenly, turning the corner were 3 excited boys and 1 gloom one. They were pushing and falling all over each other. Hadley giggled her adorable laugh as the boys introduced themselves. 


Hadley's POV 

"Hello I'm your Uncle Niall!" he exclaimed sounding excited. 


"Hello. I'm Hadley." I said. 


"Awww listen to her accent." Uncle Niall cooed. His voice sounded even more different than mommy's and daddy's. 


Another boy stepped up. He had dark hair and dark eyes. 


"I'm your Uncle Zayn." He said. "How are you?" 


"Hi. I'm good." I said while giggling at his voice.


He smiled at me. I smiled back. I loved to smile and now I had a reason to. 


The next boy came over. 


"Hey, I'm Uncle Harry." He said. He didn't sound as happy as the others and he had his phone in his hand and his eyes glued to it. 

"I'm Hadley." I said. 

He didn't say anything else. He just walked away. Great. Another person who doesn't like me. But why doesn't he?


"Why doesn't he like me?" I asked. 


"He's just having a rough day." Mommy said. 


The last boy stepped up. "Hello, love. I'm your Uncle Liam!" 


He sounded the most excited. I wanted to give him a hug because he was extra nice. I wiggled my way out of daddy's arms and landed on my feet. 


I walked over and hugged Uncle Liam. My head was on his belly. 


"I'm Hadley." 


"Aww. Can I hold you?" He asked. 


I didn't answer but I raised up both of my arms in confirmation. He put his hands under my armpits and lifted me onto his hip. 


"Well isn't that cute." Mommy said. 


Uncle Liam had a big smile on his face. "I can't wait until I can introduce you to Aunt Dani." He said. 


"Uncle Liam has been the most excited out of the other boys to get to meet you." Daddy said. 


Uncle Liam's face turned red and I giggled at him. 


"Lou, she's adorable. I might just have to keep her to myself." Uncle Liam said to daddy. 


"Sorry pal. She's mine." Daddy said. 


"Fine." Uncle Liam pouted. 


I wiggled out of his arms until my feet touched the ground. I looked around. We were just standing in a hallway with nothing special in it. I started to walk away wanting to explore. 


"Where do you think you're going missy?" Daddy asked. I could tell he was using sass. I learned that from the other girls at the orphanage. He couldn't out sass me. 


"To explore. Duh." I said like it was obvious. 


"She's got sass like her daddy." Mommy said.


I giggled and continued to walk. 


"Wait honey." Mommy said. "Take Uncle Liam with you while your daddy and I look over some papers, okay?" 


"Okay. Let's go Uncle Liam." I said. 


He jogged over to me and took my hand.


I wonder what cool stuff this place had.

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