Dear Maggie

There was a group of us all Madi, Sawyer, Savanna, Jackson,Blake, Maggie and me. We were best friends until "accidents" split us apart. We have our suspicions but once it's just me and Madi left well then we just need to find out who it was.


19. Wish me luck

Dear Maggie,

Landon texted me today, he says he wants to meet me...alone. I for some reason feel the need to go. I never have really gotten along with Landon, and you know that. I feel like something bad will happen, but I don't know. He told me I have to come alone. ALONE. ALONE means no one can go with me. Me alone, with Landon. I didn't tell Blake, and he just left. I would be "with" you right now but it's dark, yeah, dark cemeteries and me don't go together very well. Wish me luck.

From, Kaylee

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