Dear Maggie

There was a group of us all Madi, Sawyer, Savanna, Jackson,Blake, Maggie and me. We were best friends until "accidents" split us apart. We have our suspicions but once it's just me and Madi left well then we just need to find out who it was.


6. Thank You God

I cried into Blake's chest, I ripped those stupid tubes out of my hands and sobbed. He cried a little too. I needed to see Madi. "Blake?" "Yeah" "Who else made it out of there besides you?" He was about to say something but than the door opened it was Sawyer. "Him" Blake said. "You're alive?" Sawyer said. "Yeah" I say back. "You're alive, and crying" I just stare at him blankly "Have you seen Maggie?" He nods, "yeah, but we just have to hope." "I guess that's all you can do." I say. I get up and go over to Maggie's room. I guess she doesn't get any visitors, her family moved to Maine and she chose to stay here. "Does your mom know you're here?" I ask, she nods. "When is she coming?" "I don't know" A tear falls down my face and on to the floor. "Please, don't cry." she say. "How can I not?" she shakes her head."Can I stay here with you tonight?" I ask. "Yeah" I go over to her bed and try not to cry. I just want her last moments to be spent with me. The door opens. Madi walks in. Her eyes are red and puffy Clearly everyone has been crying. "Hey, I brought you guys some GOOD food." she says carrying a pizza box.  "Good I HATE this stuff" I say lifting up one of Maggie's unopened fat free jello containers. Maggie laughs, which makes Madi and me laugh too. "I love you guys" Maggie says in a shaking voice. "We love you Mags." Madi says back before Maggie's heart monitor goes to just a blank beep. Nurses rush in and I run out and run into my room. "She's gone, she's gone!" I scream into Blake. I didn't care who it was I needed to be held and I cried into his chest. He cried on my shoulder. And there we were me, Jackson, Blake, Sawyer, and Madi, all crying in a little huddle. We stare into her room and watch the doctors try and revive her. Once they got her heart going again, it stopped again. Their only choice now is to perform surgery on her. I pray to God:

God, please don't take her life away today. Just give her one more year,moth,week, or even one day to get better. I love her. We love her. Just save her life. She's to important to waste.  

 Once I say that her heart gets going again this time for sure. She is allowed only one visitor at a time for now. Thank you God.

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