Dear Maggie

There was a group of us all Madi, Sawyer, Savanna, Jackson,Blake, Maggie and me. We were best friends until "accidents" split us apart. We have our suspicions but once it's just me and Madi left well then we just need to find out who it was.


11. One month

Dear Maggie, 

Today is the 3rd of July. It has been exactly one month since you died. I have lost it I have pretty much gone insane. You said you wouldn't leave me, but I feel as if a huge part of me has just been ripped out. As soon as we found out you were dead I stopped talking to anyone but Blake. Your mom came. She well put on this big ceremony for you. Madi, Savanna, Jackson, me, and Blake put up a memorial. Me and Madi were pretty much pointless cause we both went into depression. I don't smile, dance, laugh, or talk since you left. The doctors think I am mentally retarded or something cause they treat me like a little kid. But what they don't understand is that I chose to be  like this. I cry every day. I don't know if I will ever be myself again. I miss you so much. You have no idea. I used to think Blake was my every thing but I realize that was you. Maybe all this happened for a reason, maybe to teach us a lesson I don't  know. But yeah.

Love, Kaylee

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