Dear Maggie

There was a group of us all Madi, Sawyer, Savanna, Jackson,Blake, Maggie and me. We were best friends until "accidents" split us apart. We have our suspicions but once it's just me and Madi left well then we just need to find out who it was.


10. Last words

I fell asleep very easy. And woke up to the sound of panic in Maggie's room. I heard the doctors talking sounding very focused and then I heard the heart monitor again. It stopped. I couldn't breath. I woke Blake up with my hyperventilating. He stroked my hair. I couldn't tell him what was wrong the only sound I could make was a groaning sound. I hear her door open then hear the bed being wheeled down the hall. "NO!" I yell. Waking everyone else up. "Maggie-*breath* Heart-*breath* Gone, GO!" I tell them. They seem to realize what I said because Madi runs out into the hall. I can hear her talking to the secretary. When she comes back in she's crying. "What?" I ask her. "Shes gone" Madi says between sobs. "NO!" I say "She was too important to me" "I loved her" Madi said. And since then those were the last words we said.

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