Dear Maggie

There was a group of us all Madi, Sawyer, Savanna, Jackson,Blake, Maggie and me. We were best friends until "accidents" split us apart. We have our suspicions but once it's just me and Madi left well then we just need to find out who it was.


13. I miss you

Dear Maggie, 

So school started, I am supposed to be there right now but I'm "with" you at your grave. My therapist finally got me to talk, they realized that I didn't want to talk about what was going on with me, that I would talk about things I was interested in finding more about. Such as the "Incident" as they call it. Yeah so I asked them how it caught on fire and what happened after I fell. And they said that it looked like it was just a big forest fire. I don't trust them enough to tell them who it really was...Drew. That's the main reason I won't go back to school and because everyone will be talking about you and the rest of us but mainly you.I feel responsible for this whole thing even though I'm not, right? Blake is visiting his dad and brother now, so I have no one to talk to. Besides like Madi, Sawyer, Jackson, and Savanna but yeah. I've grown apart from them though. I feel if I grow to attached that if something happens then they will be gone just like you. Here one day gone the next. I miss you.  

From Kaylee

P.S. Madi says she misses you too!

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