They Call Me Carrion


1. Prologue: Tarrowmander

"A certain flower can never been seen by the eye of wolf, nor elf, nor orc, nor any forest dweller or any being on this world, however one dealing gives you the means to see this elusive blossom of the grass, if you are willing to pay the price." She tipped her head questioningly at the pale young man, who leaned in close to whisper to her,
"The herbalists of the world are blind because of the tarrowmander in this very forest, as they accept the deal from the whistling woman who takes their sight so they can see."
The girl crossed her little eyebrows and shook her head.
"To see a pretty flower once, it seems a bad deal to not see any other pretty flower ever again." she complained, doubting the soundness of the young man's statement. He smiled.
"You are a smart young lady - it is not just a pretty flower. It is a most powerful hallucinogen, that any sorcerer would beg for access to and any sovereign would happily find blood on his hands for just one petal."
"Ha...Halluci..." he laughed at the girl's attempt to say the long word, but in frivolity, not in spite.
"It means that it gives those who eat the petals visions - and many say they are visions of the future. There is a saying - beware the raging blind man for he'll tell you where you die. That is the reason for it." he said. He ran his fingers through his white hair and stood up, towering over the little girl.
"Now, to the matter at hand. Where are your guardians, my dearest?" he asked. The girl smiled nervously.
"They said that they would be back soon, as they went over the hill to get some food for our household. We were very low on such as that- it was about time that they did go and hunt. It's difficult to feed all three of us." she said. The man grinned at her, stroking her hair.
"I'm sure that they will be back soon, then. I shall be off - I am needed in far away pastures, and my time spent with you, although well spent, has delayed my inevitable journey. Farewell, little one." he said, beginning to walk off, deeper into the forest.
"Goodbye." The little girl sat down and began to play with daisyflowers, stroking each petal and tying them together into long chains.

What she hadn't told the young man about her parents was... that was three weeks ago.

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