Still The One

" I Will Love You Forever, Louis."
"I Will Love You For Infinity."
That Was The Night I Can Never Forget..
Before This My Life Was Was Amazing But Now It's Extraordinary, WAS Extraordinary.
Thank You For Making It A Night To Remember, Louis But Why Did You Leave? And Why Did You Break Your Promise?
But Now Those Blue Eyes Between Those Other Blue Ones....


5. One Direction

Katie's POV

I woke up in the same position as last night. After 5 minutes Louis's bright blue eyes flashed open. He smiled down at me and I returned the smile.

"Would you like to meet the band?" He asked brightly.I nodded in response.What band? I don't know but I would love to meet them.

"Let me just shower!" I said and skipped into the bathroom. I took off all of my stuff and stepped in.

There was one question that kept going around my head and that was

'Am I in love with Louis?'

I don't know if I am and another major question was is he in love with me? I walked into my room and picked out a red shirt with a logo 'Love' , shorts, and a gray cardigan. Okay so I can be a little dressy at times.I walked into the living room to see Louis. I grabbed a bag of crisps and hit Louis in the head playfully.

"Let's go!" I said running out the door. I heard him laugh. I jumped in the front and waited for Louis. He came out and started the car up. We came to a huge mansion.

"Sure this is the right address?" I asked admiring the house .

"Sure of it Katie." He said bringing out keys and  opening the door for me. 4 boys were playing video games.

"Hello Louis!" The most cutest Irish accent yelled. I love Irish people so very much.

"And hi Eleanor!" He added on. 

"I'm Katie." I smiled his head instantly turned to me and 3 other heads.

"Guys , this is Katie. My friend." He winked at me. I smiled at them all including Louis. They each got up from their games and hugged me. They all told me their names and went back to their games. I sat between Niall and Louis watching everyone play games.

"Can I get a pic with you Katie?" Niall asked. I nodded answering his question.He slid his phone from out of his pocket going to his camera.

I leaned on him and smiled as he did the same.

He played with his phone some more.My phone lit up and I had a mention.I unlocked my phone using my new passcode 'Louis101' I just might love Louis.

@NiallOfficial: Just met this cool girl @Katezziiee !

I retweeted his tweet and smiled at him.

@Katezzieee: @NiallOfficial Ur awesome!

He smiled at me and gave me a hug.


"NIALL DON'T KILL HER WITH YOUR HORAN HUGS!" Louis yelled.Niall let go of me and went to Louis giving him a Horan hug.

I laughed at them.I already love the Irish one. I sat next to the curly one named Harry aka the flirt.


"Hello Katezziee!' He said using my Twitter name.

I moved on to Mr.Payne.

"Hello Liam!" I said smiling. He waved and continued his game. 


"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii !"  He yelled back.

I laid my head on someone's legs and felt my eyes get heavy. Before I knew it I was drifting off to sleep.

Niall's POV

I stared at the beautiful girl asleep on my legs. Katie was beautiful. I tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and smiled at her. I saw Louis looking up from his game so many times to look at her.She woke up after I put her hair behind her ear.

"Did I wake you ?" I asked caressing her cheek. She nodded no.I laughed at her.

"What's so funny?"


Louis's POV

I kept on looking at Niall and Katie. No way was Niall falling for her she is mine.After I saw them laughing with each other that's where I draw the line.

"I gotta go." I mumbled and left. I bumped into a figure.

'I'm sorry." I said helping the person up.

"It's fine." She said quietly. "OMG! Your Louis Tomlinson!" She whispered. I nodded and laughed.

"Anyway...Can you help me find this road?" She asked giving me a piece of paper. I nodded knowing exactly where it was. She slipped her hand in mine and we walked. I heard clicking noises and believed I was imaging stuff. 


=)! ~Amaya


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