Still The One

" I Will Love You Forever, Louis."
"I Will Love You For Infinity."
That Was The Night I Can Never Forget..
Before This My Life Was Was Amazing But Now It's Extraordinary, WAS Extraordinary.
Thank You For Making It A Night To Remember, Louis But Why Did You Leave? And Why Did You Break Your Promise?
But Now Those Blue Eyes Between Those Other Blue Ones....


3. "LOUIS?"

Let's get one thing cleared before things start.. I do not hate Eleanor at all.Calderic I am! It's just her character for the story. I love Eleanor she's sweet and I don't think she could ever be like that! ~ Amaya


Katie's POV

The men left right away after they saw Louis. He ran over to me "Are you okay, Katie?"

"Why would you care?" I asked Louis. "Because I do." He said. Next thing I knew I was kissing Louis.

"LOUIS?" Eleanor screamed with tears in her eyes. What have I done? "Elea-" Louis started. I ran and couldn't hear the rest. Once I got home I shut the door and plopped onto my bed. Tears freely spilled out of my eyes. I cried myself to sleep hoping my nightmare would be over. Why couldn't Louis be here to hold me like our summer nights? Or tell me everything will be okay? Or we could take summer walks and hold hands? I heard a knock at my door and I answered it. "Yes Louis?"

"Um I know what just happened but can I spend a night with you?" He asked with his hands in his pockets. "Not to be rude but why?" I asked. "Eleanor and I shared a flat but you know..." He said quietly. I nodded after all it is my fault. "I don't have a extra room but I guess you could sleep with me.."

"Okay" I felt as if he was smiling behind me. I crawled into bed after him. I felt his arms go around my waist. I turned to face him and leaned my head on his shoulders.




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