Still The One

" I Will Love You Forever, Louis."
"I Will Love You For Infinity."
That Was The Night I Can Never Forget..
Before This My Life Was Was Amazing But Now It's Extraordinary, WAS Extraordinary.
Thank You For Making It A Night To Remember, Louis But Why Did You Leave? And Why Did You Break Your Promise?
But Now Those Blue Eyes Between Those Other Blue Ones....


2. Drama With Eleanor

Katie's POV

I woke up and decided I needed a walk. Between everything that happened yesterday I need it. I skipped Twitter today because who knows what trouble it will get me in next. I wore a pink tee today with a pair of jean shorts.( I'm not really a dressy person) I put my hair in a messy bun and brushed my teeth and finished up the rest of my business.I walked out and took a different lane and saw her again!

Stalking me! See how she and Louis met.... ( A/N: Just A Little Humor! ~Amaya) I got lost in a crowd on purpose just to be yanked out.Guess who.. "Are you okay? I know how these crowds get." Eleanor smiled. If looks could kill I would be on the floor. No wonder Louis picked her. "Anybody home?" Eleanor laughed waving her hand in my face."Uh yeah"  

"It seems as if something is wrong. Are you okay ,once again?" 

"I'm fine ,Eleanor!" "Okay..." She spoke after me. She stood there staring at me. I stood there staring at her.

"Hey El-" A voice spoke. I turned to see Louis again.Ugh! Why is my life such a hot mess. I have no friends whatsoever and Louis ruined my  life!Why is suddenly appearing in my life again? "I HATE YOU!" I screamed in his face leaving. I heard footsteps behind me and I decided to turn.

"What do you have against Louis?" Eleanor asked with calmness and a hint of anger.

"Oh let's see....HE TOTALLY RUINED MY LIFE!"

"And how did he do that?" She said with sass.

Meredith's POV

Eleanor is rarely angry and she doesn't give sass. Sorry,I'm Meredith a fan of One Direction.She was talking well more of yelling now at a girl. Wait that's Katelyn Mahome! She is  the girl who Louis dated.How I know? I went to school with Katelyn. She and Louis were a year higher than me. But I saw her and Louis being flirty and eventually dated.There must be something wrong I mean like ,Louis's ex girlfriend with his current girlfriend. That never goes together! Not even in the movies! 

"KATELYN!!!!!" I screamed. She turned her head. "ELEANOR!" I screamed.

"BOTH OF YOU STOP " I screamed once more. "What are you doing here Meredith and don't call me Katelyn why do you think I shortened it?" 

Eleanor just stood there. 

"Well I was coming to Starbucks..But saw this..and ya know this is more entertaining.. " I spoke with a hint of laughter in my voice.(A/N MORE HUMOR ~Amaya)

"But you girls must stop!" 

It looked as if Katelyn was about to cry but I guess she wanted no one to see that..She ran left and into a alley...No! Not that alley...

Katelyn's POV

"STOP!" I screamed. Seven men gathered around me. 

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" A voice screamed. I looked over to see.... 


Chapter 2 By: Amaya_Payne

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