Still The One

" I Will Love You Forever, Louis."
"I Will Love You For Infinity."
That Was The Night I Can Never Forget..
Before This My Life Was Was Amazing But Now It's Extraordinary, WAS Extraordinary.
Thank You For Making It A Night To Remember, Louis But Why Did You Leave? And Why Did You Break Your Promise?
But Now Those Blue Eyes Between Those Other Blue Ones....


1. After 2 Years

The cover was made by Tvd1Dlover. I had to crop her name off. So yeah credit to Tvd1Dlover for the cover

Katie's P.O.V

I finsished my tea and logged on to Twitter. This is my everyday morning. Shower,hair,tea,and then Twitter.

I looked at the trends and saw




I saw those trends yesterday. Then one caught my eye.


What's Elounor? I clicked the trend and the top tweet was 'What a great name Elounor' it was from Louis Tomlinson.Louis?! What I shook my head.It's a different Louis and I know it.Somehow.. I looked at the rest of the tweets one from @CaseyLOVESHAZCAKES had a picture with her tweet. The picture was a pretty girl and Louis. I guess this isn't a different Louis.The tweet had a hastag saying #Elounor.That girl is Eleanor who goes by El. That's Elounor. I slammed my phone on the coffee table and made my way upstairs.I grabbed a white tee and some shorts and made my way out. 

I soon made my way to Candi's Coffee Cafe. I walked in and just sat. "What would you like?" A waiter asked. "Nothing just to cry." I replied. I didn't really understand why I was crying. Was it over Louis? Or am I just plain old crazy? I didn't know. "Ma'am you must order something or I will have to ask you to go." He said. I walked out of the cafe and sat on a bench outside of it. I buried my face in my palms until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I lifted my head to see. Oh no not Louis.Not at this stage. I'm having mixed feelings. Am I crying over him ? Do I hate him? "Are you okay?" He asked. He didn't even recognize me. "KATIE?" He yelled and then covered his mouth after getting stares. "Katie..Is that you?" He whispered. "Yep!" I replied.but he just kept staring at me.

"Louis shouldn't you be with your girlfriend?" I asked. "Who?" " Did you just say wh-" "Oh Eleanor..."

I just looked at him and sighed. I kept thinking 'why Louis why?'.

"Louis just leave me alone." I sighed again about to get up.Louis pulled me back down."Katie I'm sorry." He said with a half smile.

"For what?" 

"Hurting you...I left at the hardest time." That was true at the moment my little sister was very sick. I was terrified and Louis knew that then decided to leave. He had no control so I understood. Then after that we had that romantic scene where he said he would love me forever. I guess I was crying over Louis...

"It's okay ,Louis you had no control over it." 

"Friends?" He asked.

"Louis how can you be friends with me! I'm your ex girlfriend and of course if I'm your friend...We would hang out.Then when Eleanor asked who I am. Oh she is my ex girlfriend don't worry were just friends" I got up off the bench and walked away. 

"Katie!" I heard him call. I walked faster hoping not to see him again. I cant be friends with him old feelings will come back and I think they already did. SLAM! A girl and her books fell to the floor and so did I.

"Ow!" She screeched. "I'm sorry. It's just I had a bad morning." I said helping her up. "It's fine" She dusted herself off and grabbed her papers and books.When she put her hair behind her face I couldn't believe who I saw. 

"Eleanor?" I asked.

"Do I know you?"

"No. No you don't ." I pushed her out of my way making her fall back down. I ran home and collapsed on my bed.

"WHY DO I STILL LOVE HIM?" I yelled at myself.I started crying and the morning went by.Soon night came and I drfited off to sleep crying. Over Louis...

( Made by : Amaya_Payne)

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