Still The One

" I Will Love You Forever, Louis."
"I Will Love You For Infinity."
That Was The Night I Can Never Forget..
Before This My Life Was Was Amazing But Now It's Extraordinary, WAS Extraordinary.
Thank You For Making It A Night To Remember, Louis But Why Did You Leave? And Why Did You Break Your Promise?
But Now Those Blue Eyes Between Those Other Blue Ones....


4. A Morning Of Drama & Movies

Katie's POV

I woke up to the smell of burning pancakes and yelling. I peeked and saw Eleanor and Louis arguing. "FINE WE ARE OVER!" Eleanor yelled and left out.

Louis just stared at the door. He soon realized I was staring at him. I quickly ran in the room and turned on the TV ,trying to act as If  I didn't see that.

"I saw you Katie." He said dully leaning on the door.

"So.. Are you okay?" I asked slowly walking towards him. 

"I'm fine , Katie." He said and brought me closer to him.He let go of my arm and strolled right out the door. Louis's stupid mind tricks. I laid on my bed trying to get at least some sleep. 

Louis's POV

I strolled out of Katie's small flat , everything was too much. I know I had to choose between Katie and Eleanor sometime but Eleanor made that very easy

.I kept on walking until I arrived at a small cafe called Casidy's Cafe. I walked in and ordered tea. I was surprised when the lady behind the counter said they didn't serve Yorkshire tea.I paid for the tea and sat down at a table. I quietly sipped on my tea. I'm ready now I made my way back to Katie's small flat now ready.

I knocked on her door once I arrived. Nothing. I just walked in since it was unlocked.

Eleanor and Katie were on the couch talking.

"I should go now , Katez ( Kate- zz )" Eleanor said grabbing her purse shoving pass me. I gave Katie a questioning look and she just smiled. I sat on the couch and put my face in my hands.I felt a hand rubbing my back I looked up and saw Katie with a cup of tea. 


"I had tea already thank you anyway." I said.She nodded and left and came back with a huge blanket. She went back and came with a movie. Or more.

"The Ring?" She asked looking up and kneeling down.I nodded I have heard of this movie but never saw it. She put the movie in and made popcorn settling it down on the coffee table in front of us.

She grabbed the blanket and threw it over us , snuggling into my chest. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her.

Best Movie Night Ever.


Filler! :) -Amaya

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