Angelina Thomson is a 16 year old junior at Pinewood High School in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. She wears her heart on her sleeve, making it easy for any guy to come by and snatch it. In this case, this guy's name is Skylar Brookshire. He has her wrapped around his finger, leading her on then cutting her off, until she learns how to protect herself from the affliction and contentment of the game of love.


6. Third-Wheeling Is Fun (Not)

       About a week had passed since the day at the pool with Skylar, and because of the lack of school, I hadn't seen him since. I have to admit, I was having withdrawls. I wished I could just call him up and ask him to hangout, but since he had been doing the weird silent treatment thing, I figured it would be weird. I prayed for the next time we would have the opportunity to see each other, though I had no idea if he even cared about seeing me.

       It's crazy how attached you can get to someone who doesn't treat you the way you think you deserve to be treated. For some reason, no one ever wants to date the nice guy who respects you, gives you attention, and cares for you with all their heart. Girls always want the guys with the bad reputation, the ones who are disrespectful, and who can't keep their eyes on one girl at a time.They always want the guy they can't have. I don't understand it, but now I'm just another one of those stereotypical girls and I hate it.

       I never thought the day would come that I would get to see him again, but it did. It wasn't the way that I wished it would happen, though.

       "Hey Angelina, are you free on Friday?" Roxanne asked me over the phone on a Wednesday night.

       "Yeah, I think so. Why?" I replied.

       "Skylar wants to meet up at Stone Mountain Park and hangout, but I thought it would be nice if you and any of your friends want to tag along."

       "Oh. Sounds like fun! I'll check and call you back," I answered and hung up the phone.

       So Roxanne wants me to come and third wheel on their date? How adorable. I knew would wouldn't be a good idea to go; I knew that I would just get my feelings hurt. But I mean I couldn't just say that I couldn't go. Then Roxane would ask me why and what would I say? I like your boyfriend and you're torturing me with the thought of you guys dating? The voice in my head was back again saying she deserves this. It's her turn to feel special. Stop being so selfish and do something nice for your friend. I texted her and said I had to think about it. I mean at least I would get a chance to hang out with him! Maybe...


       Friday came by almost too quickly, and Roxanne was over at my house, looking absolutely beautiful. She and Bailey were almost ready to get in the car when she came over to me.

       "Are you ready to go?" she asked, smiling.

       "Yeah... I don't know if I really want to go anymore. I might just stay home," I told her.

       "Why not?"

       "I mean, most of the people going are your friends. I don't really know that many people," I replied, thinking of an excuse.

       "Hey, you can stay with me. You honestly think I'm just gonna run off with Skylar and leave you by yourself?" she said, almost laughing.

       I mean yeah... I thought in my head. "Ok, give me a minute," I said as I ran upstair to get my sunglasses.

       Why was I agreeing to this? I knew it wasn't a good idea but I can't bail now. I'm a strong person, what's the worst that could happen, right?

       We finally pulled up in the park and bought admission to get in. Skylar texted Roxanne and said he would be another 30 minutes so we decided to take the sky lift to the top of the mountain. It was extremely claustraphobic but we made it to the top of the mountain and walked around. The view was gorgeous, you could see almost everything. The towns looked so small; you couldn't even see the cars. I inhaled the air and tried to savour the moment. We walked back into the building/gift shop at the top of the mountain. Before long, Roxanne grabbed my arm and said, "Look, there's Skylar!"

       Apparently they had agreed to meet at the top of the mountain and forgot to tell me. Bailey had left with her friends down the mountain already so I was stuck with them alone. How fun. I was left to be the person to take their cute pictures at the top of the mountain, watch them flirt and mess around, all while dying inside. Oh yeah, did I mention that Skylar didn't even acknowledge my existence? Yep, he didn't say hello. It was like I was invisible and Roxanne was the only person there.

       We were about to get in the sky lift and ride back down the mountain, but it seems like karma was attacking me that night.

       "Sorry, the sky lift closed at 6. You're going to have to walk down the mountain," the attendant said to us.

       Are you fucking kidding me? Walking down a mountain when it's almost dark outside. I can't belive this. You want to know what's even better? It started raining. It was only drizzling, but still. Walking down a wet mountain while third-wheeling is not my idea of fun.


       So we start our adventure down the mountain and Roxanne actually payed attention to me. She was finally trying to include me in her fantabulous night instead of making me suffer. The walk actually wasn't that torturous, even though Skylar was trying to show off (and failing miserably) for Roxanne and I couldn't help but laugh. Maybe this night would turn itself around.

       Once we finally got to the bottom, we walked around to the shops for a little bit. It was tolerable enough, but I knew in the back of my mind that I should've stayed home. We met back up with Bailey and her group and walked around for a while. I saw a cute necklace in one of the stores and wanted to show it to Roxanne, but she was no where to be found.

       "Bailey, where's Roxanne?" I asked her, looking around.

       "Oh, she went off somewhere with Skylar," she replied.

       Are you serious. Honestly, I wanted nothing more than to just leave. For the rest of the night, I walked behind my sister's group, trying to blend in and not be annoying. The sun was setting and Roxanne was still no where to be found. The people were now making their ways onto the giant field for the laser show on the side of the mountain. I didn't even want to try and sit with my sister because I knew they thought I was annoying. They were probably thinking "why is she even here?" Well, that's a good question.

       I found a spot a few yards down from where my sister was and sat down. It probably looked weird that I was sitting alone, but I didn't care. I wanted to be alone. That way I could be with my feelings for a while and not have to act like I'm ok.

       The show was about an hour long, and I was not more ready to leave. I walked back to Bailey's group, surprised that Roxanne and Skylar finally showed back up.

       "Hey, I was looking for you!" Roxanne said, acting all innocent.

       "I was here the whole time," I said, fake smiling. Good thing I'm good at acting.

       We found our way back to the car, and the ride home felt like it lasted hours. Roxanne was sitting next to me practically beaming the whole way home, while I was just sitting on my phone trying to act normal.

       We dropped Roxanne off at her house and I finally was back home. I changed and crawled into bed, thinking of every last detail of what I did around Skylar and regretting all of it. I thought of what I should have done instead so I wouldn't have looked like an idiot. But the night was over, and there was nothing I could change. The memories would stay in my mind forever, and with that thought, I cried myself to sleep.


AN: Well guys, I'm still alive! I thought I was getting better at posting, but guess what? It's been almost a freaking year. Yeah, I'm terrible. Hopefully this Movella wasn't completely forgotten, but I remembered this website and decided it would be fun to start up again. Now I know that I'm not gonna promise anything, but I'll honestly try. Thanks for sticking around!

-Annabelle :)


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