Angelina Thomson is a 16 year old junior at Pinewood High School in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. She wears her heart on her sleeve, making it easy for any guy to come by and snatch it. In this case, this guy's name is Skylar Brookshire. He has her wrapped around his finger, leading her on then cutting her off, until she learns how to protect herself from the affliction and contentment of the game of love.


1. The First Day Back

       The cold wind whipped my hair across my face as I walked into the front doors of my high school. It was the first day back from Christmas break. This was in no way anyone's favorite day of the year. The seniors were pumped about their class trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow, but besides that, there was absolutely nothing happening in this dreary school. Me and all of my fellow juniors moped through the hallways, trying to stay awake. While we were in homeroom and everyone was catching up with each other, I couldn't help but notice how overcast and cold everything looked outside the window. Not only was this day going to be boring, it was going to be long.


       Half of the class was already sleeping in math, let alone the rest of the day. I chatted with a few of my friends, but I really wasn't in the mood. All I cared about was getting home and sleeping. I sat in the lunchroom completely detached from the world when I realized someone was talking to me.

       "Hey Angelina!" Skylar said to me as he passed. I gave him a polite smile as he came and sat next to me.

Skylar is the school comedian, I guess you could call him. My school isn't very big, so everyone knows who he is. He could make anyone's day brighter but he is also known to be a bit of a player. He is a senior along with my older sister, Bailey. She is the reason I met him a little over a year ago, which I am glad about. I wouldn't say that I have a "crush" on Skylar, but he never fails to cheer me up. He and I aren't very close, though we talk to each other a lot.


"Hey Skylar!" I replied, turning to face him.

"How is your day going?" he asked, not that he actually even cared. I guess he just enjoys talking.

"How do you think? It's so boring!" I exclaimed.

"Well, we really aren't doing anything in class at all since we are leaving tomorrow," he told me.

"Ah. Getting off easy, huh? First week back from school and I already have two tests to study for," I said sounding depressed.

"Well, I gotta go, but have fun!" he said getting up and walking to his next class.

"Yeah right!" I yelled after him as I walked out of the lunchroom going the opposite direction.


        I was so relived when the bell rang that I literally jumped out of my seat and ran out the front doors. All I could think about was getting home and relaxing and maybe having my friend Roxanne over. I hopped into my sister's car and waited for her to walk out of the building. I had to wait at least 15 minutes before she walked out, Skylar by her side. They were talking outside of the doors and then said goodbye, walking their separate ways.


"Hey little sis! What's up?" she asked.

"Haha, like you actually care," I said. My sister is one of those people who is completely happy one moment and in full on bitch mode the next. I almost swear that she is bipolar.


       We finally pulled up in my driveway and I ran up to my bedroom. I collapsed onto my bed and pulled out my phone. I skimmed through my Twitter and Instagram for a few minutes before texting Roxanne. It literally only took minutes before she pulled up into my driveway and let herself into my house. She walked up into my room with a bag of chips and nutella in her hands,


"Wow, you really like my pantry, don't you?" I asked her.

"You know it!" she said, sitting down on my bed and taking out her phone.

"Nu uh," she said a few minutes later.

"What's happening?" I asked her.

"I'm texting Skylar," she replied.

"Well that's not surprising," I replied.

Roxanne doesn't go to my school but my sister Bailey somehow slipped Skylar's number to her last week. Now all she does is text him 24/7. I don't text him, as surprising as it is.

"You wanna know what he just said?" she said.

"Um... sure," I said, staring at my phone screen.

"He likes you. He thinks you're gorgeous," she said, her eyes wide.

"And why would he think that?" I asked, not believing her. A guy like Skylar would never go for a girl like me. Suddenly I got this weird fluttery feeling in my stomach. What is wrong with me?

"Oh no," she said, her fingers going a hundred miles an hour on her iPhone.

"What now?" I asked.

"This isn't cute. He also likes your sister. Now that's not fucking allowed! You can't do that mister!" she said, replying back furiously. As quickly as it came, the fluttery feeling was replaced by an almost vomiting feeling.

"Oh dear," I said.

        My sister has been in 2 relationships already just in the first semester. What do guys see in her? She has dirty blonde hair, which she straightens the same everyday. She has green eyes just like mine and she is maybe around 5'4". I, on the other hand, have dark brown almost black hair and am only about 5'2". I haven't been in any relationships this year. In fact, I haven't been in one since the summer of my sophomore year, which I regret and will never make that mistake again.


"It's not that big of a deal. I don't really like him anyway," I told Roxanne.


 I don't know why, but I was having weird feelings in my stomach again. It almost felt like disappointment, but I knew it wasn't. Was I lying to myself?

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